Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program is back

Book it! Programming is back, and this year it will be in digital too. However, the rationale remains the same, that of getting students to read more with the lure of free pizza. Students must achieve specific reading goals set by teachers. The reading goals can be the number of books read, the number of pages or the number of minutes read. The flexibility in setting reading goals is a deliberate attempt to ensure that the maximum number of students of all reading abilities are enrolled in the program.

Upon completion of a reading goal, students receive a Book It! Reading Award Certificate which can be used to redeem a Pizza Hut One-Topping Personal Pan Pizza totally free. Each student can earn a maximum of six certificates each school year, which translates to up to a half-dozen free takeout pizzas. The program has existed since 1984 and more than 65 million students in the US have already received their free pizza. The program runs from October 1st to March 31st each year.

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However, homeschoolers and parents now have the opportunity to sign up for the digital version of the Pizza Hut Book It! Program this time via the website set up for this purpose. In this way, educators now have the ability to connect and communicate with students and parents online. That’s not all, this time around three free e-books are offered for parents to download and enjoy with their wards. The free e-books – Ruby Redfort Look me in the eyes by Lauren Child These shoesby Maribeth Boelts, and Leroy Ninker saddles up – can be used by the Book It! free e-book amazon site.

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As some key findings from Reading is Fundamental, a nationwide literacy nonprofit, revealed, 34 percent of children entering preschool don’t have the skills they need to learn to read alone. Also worrying is that 65 percent of fourth graders read below their grade. Also, only 37 percent of “students graduate from high school at or above the level of reading proficiency.” No wonder, the study found that about 8,000 students drop out of high school every day.

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It is precisely this trend that the Pizza Hut Book It! Program aims to reverse reading and bring fun to the kids.

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