Pen Farthing evacuates Kabul after Prince Harry memoir

According to Pen Farthing, a former marine who coordinated the evacuation of dogs and cats from Kabul in August 2021, he was forced to leave the city because of Prince Harry’s claims that he had killed 25 Taliban fighters during two royal wars.

Pen Farthing has slammed Harry’s autobiography, The Spare, which was published ahead of schedule in Spain last week, as “badly reviewed”.

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Farthing, 53, said on Friday Harry’s comments about the prince’s time in Afghanistan put his life in danger, the Sun reported.

She left Kabul, quit working with animal shelters, and “potential attacks against ex-forces like me.

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Farting tweeted after reading excerpts from the memoir: “Yes, I was a royalist until today… Dear #PrinceHarry. You have been given very bad advice, I would say.

“And I’m glad you’re thinking about the security implications of our people still trying to do good in #Afghanistan. #fool #notmyprince.”

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He later tweeted: “I had to evacuate tonight from #Kabul.”

Farthing’s work with Operation Ark, which has been helping rescue animals from shelters for the past 18 months, now appears to be on hold.

“It’s the animals that get hurt, not me” he tweeted.

Penn Farthing

Farthing was forced to leave Kabul and put Operation Ship on hold.

Penn Farthing

Prince Harry Farthing wrote that he killed 25 Taliban fighters during his two combat tours.


During two tours of duty in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot, Harry discussed the killings, saying he felt the victims were not real “people” but rather “chess pieces removed from the board.”

Taliban leader Anas Haqqani posted online: “Mr. Harry! Those you killed were not chess pieces, they were human beings…these atrocities will be remembered in the history of mankind.”

Prince Harry speaks via radio from the turret of his Spartan armored car in the Afghan desert.

Prince Harry speaks via radio from the turret of his Spartan armored car in the Afghan desert.

of Prince Harry of Great Britain

Harry’s biography was published ahead of schedule in Spain last week.


Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been on two tours in Afghanistan.


Inside Harry’s new memoir

Haqqani said Harry’s allegations amounted to “war crimes” and said he should be tried before an “international court”.


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