Pandemic control shift seen as economic boon

Cambodian officials will welcome Chinese travelers at Sihanoukville International Airport on Friday. [Photo/Xinhua]

ACCRA, Ghana – The easing of COVID-19 restrictions in China will help restore global supply chains, says a Ghanaian expert.

Alex Ampaabeng, an economist who works at the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief in Ghana, said that China’s measures to control the spread of COVID-19 are good news for the global economy because they can help increase trade between China and other countries. the world.

With China improving its COVID-19 measures, rising prices caused by shortages can be controlled, he said.

In China during the Spring Festival weekend, drinking was at an all-time high, with movie theaters packed and scenic spots packed with tourists.

The surge in travel and shopping in China during the holiday season reflects the strength of the country’s economy and boosts public confidence in the recovery of the world’s second-largest economy, Ampaabeng said.

China is one of Ghana’s major trading partners, and the latter could enjoy a boost in domestic revenue due to the Chinese government’s decision to ease the restrictions on COVID-19, he said.

China’s refining policy is also seen as a boost to global tourism.

A Ruili Airlines flight, carrying more than 100 passengers from Kunming, arrived in Sihanoukville in southwestern Cambodia on Friday, receiving a warm welcome from local officials.

Speaking to the media at the welcoming ceremony, Mr. Hor Sarun, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, said that Cambodia is ready to welcome both Chinese and foreigners.

Chea Aun, secretary of state at the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, said he expects the number of Chinese tourists to Cambodia to reach a plateau in a few years.

In southeastern Mexico’s Yucatan state, the government wants to promote cultural and trade exchanges with its Chinese counterparts to attract Chinese tourists.

Chinese travelers are often seen as “innovation seekers” interested in learning and culture, said Miguel Andres Hernandez, undersecretary of market intelligence at the Yucatan Ministry of Tourism Development.

“The Chinese market is one of the most important for us, and we will continue to work to expand and expand our twin to get more tourists,” said Hernandez, referring to Yucatan’s integration with two Chinese provinces, Anhui and Sichuan. .

Yucatan and Anhui signed a twinning agreement in 2014, and Mexico signed a cooperation agreement with Sichuan to promote their cooperation last year.

Aligning two distant places like two cities or regions is a common practice in governments to increase cultural and commercial cooperation. Such integration is “leading to attracting tourism and creating exchanges in good practices,” said Hernandez.

A state rich in tourism can offer beautiful experiences, from romantic beach getaways to tourism, he said.

Yucatan sees tourism as a way to promote cultural exchange and economic development. The government looked at the Chinese market as a way to revive tourism, he said.



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