Norauto joins forces with Orange Business Services to upgrade its network infrastructure to SD-WAN

Norauto has partnered with Orange Business Services to upgrade its network infrastructure to SD-WAN to support its digital transformation.

Modernizing its network will allow Norauto to offer new customer experiences at its auto centers. Innovations include IP telephony, check-out via a cloud-based SaaS solution, immersive screens in waiting areas that allow customers to see maintenance work on their vehicles in real-time with status updates and electronic price tags, and new applications compatible with which are redesigned using the latest technologies.

A major transformation with applications moved to the cloud

Leveraging Orange Business Services’ flexible SD-WAN, Norauto can provide individual branches with direct access to cloud-hosted applications. Additionally, with increasing cyber risks, it was crucial for Norauto to reinforce security at all of its points of sale.

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To meet these challenges, Flexible SD-WAN is based on the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution and the expertise of Orange Cyberdefense, the European leader in cybersecurity services.

Beyond the SD-WAN technology, the project was built together with Norauto in two phases. Orange Business Services teams are initially setting up hybrid MPLS and broadband internet connections before embarking on the second phase, which is the full migration to broadband internet connections, which is currently underway.

With the flexible SD-WAN operations portal, Norauto’s technical teams have visibility into the network and can self-manage new features such as: B. the activation of new filter rules. With expanded and powerful connectivity, teams are more agile and responsive. This allows Norauto to improve both the employee and customer experience.

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As part of this transformation project, Norauto benefits from a single point of contact and end-to-end support for its business needs, from design through deployment to change management. To carry out this transformation, the Orange Business Services and Norauto teams worked closely with a co-construction approach at every step of the project to ensure that the business challenges were well analyzed and responded to appropriately.

“We chose Orange Business Services because they can support us and offer us the best technical solutions for our needs and the specifics of our core business. All of this was brought under control in a cost-value-requirement-lead-time equation. The Orange team endeavored to work closely with the Norauto team, which was key to the success of the operation. Norauto is one of the Mobivia Group brands that integrates SD-WAN technology and is positioned as a reference brand for this type of deployment,” said Laurent Moreau, CIO Head, Norauto France.

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“We are excited to support an innovative company like Norauto and help solve their business needs. This major project demonstrates our ability to innovate and adapt to the specific needs of each company. Our expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by the IT team has enabled us to work closely with Norauto to build a new robust infrastructure. All of this has a positive impact on their business,” says Nadine Foulon-Belkacémi, Executive Vice President, French Major Clients, Orange Business Services.

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