Nigerian-British entrepreneur extols leadership attributes of Queen Elizabeth II

dr Alim Abubakre

By Abigael Joshua

The late British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has been described as one of the world’s most celebrated diplomats and the most influential global leader of the 21st century.

A British-Nigerian Don and founder of the TEXEM UK company, Dr. Alim Abubakre, gave the description while discussing the Queen’s leadership qualities.

In a statement on TEXEM’s website, Abubakre, whose organization has trained over 4,000 leaders across multiple continents, said global leaders could learn a lot from the Queen.

According to him, the Queen is a case study in global leadership excellence and unique statecraft.

“I agree with King Charles that Queen Elizabeth II is a model for all living princesses, and I add for all leaders who hope to have an enduring legacy.

“Queen Elizabeth II’s death is undoubtedly one of those endings that one would argue has a bittersweet conclusion to effective, strategic and global selfless leadership spanning seven decades and filled with an enduring legacy.

“It is bitter in the sense that Britain and the rest of the world have lost a great leader with tremendous wealth and experience of impressive transformation,” Abubakre said.

He added that the beauty of it is that the leaders of the world could learn valuable lessons from becoming queen as an inexperienced person, to the point of her acquiring excellent leadership qualities admired around the world.

Abubakre claimed that over the years she has become a visionary leader and an influential political figure.

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He said one of the lessons to be learned from the late British monarch was her empathy and strength of character.

“When it comes to empathy and strength of character, the Queen has made sure to remain herself throughout her reign.

“She remained uncompromisingly feminine and never pretended to be someone she wasn’t.

“Instead of ruling (exercising power and always dominating) other kings, for example, she provided a soothing sounding board in all her meetings with other leaders,” Abubakre said.

He said while she has not overtly intervened in governance operations, the Queen has used her convening powers to illustrate strength, stability, reliability and empathy in her engagements with various stakeholders.

Abubakre said the Queen’s ability to inspire service to humanity is a global lesson that leaders should copy.

“From an early age, Queen Elizabeth II believed strongly in her unusual purpose of serving humanity.

“As her successor, King Charles expressed in his tribute speech; the rested Queen “…made sacrifices for her duty…her devotion to service…never faltered…in times of joy and celebration…and in times of loss…”

“In doing so, the Queen demonstrated her determination to serve and ensured she was delivering on the public promise she made at the young age of 21.

This was a time when she announced that she would dedicate her life, short or long, to humanity until her death,” explained the TEXEM founder.

About her attribute of strategic leadership,

Abubakre said that throughout her reign, the queen was very strategic in her decisions and actions, especially when she needed to act quickly.

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He said that from the death of Princess Diana to the COVID-19 crisis and the Meghan scandal, the Queen has been able to make decisions, align, inspire and learn from the crises to stimulate the nation, to master these turbulent times effectively.

Abubakre also referred to the following quote from the Queen from her speech during the COVID-19 crisis to support his point on her good record:

“I hope in the years to come; Everyone will be proud of how they responded to this challenge. And those who come after us will say that the Brits of this generation were as strong as anyone else.

“That the attributes of self-discipline, calm, good-humoured determination and compassion still define this country. Pride in who we are is not part of our past. It defines our present and our future.”

The Don said the Queen’s focus on the big picture even in times of crisis and her amazing ability to communicate this effectively is legendary.

“One could argue that these have contributed immensely to UK scientists being the world leaders in genome sequencing and the country being the first nation in the world to license the COVID-19 vaccine,” Abubakre added.

He recalled a testimony by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair praising the Queen’s unique leadership skills.

“According to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Queen has always listened fairly to everyone and offered to help solve the most complex problems without necessarily making her physical presence felt or using force.

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“While some criticized such a character, the Queen maintained it and never allowed them to interfere in her leadership,” Abubakre said.

Speaking of the Queen’s commitment to duty, he said that although she was free to retire at the age of 66, she continued to serve diligently and carry out her duties until the age of 96.

Abubakre said it was a sign of her commitment to dedicating her time to serving Britain, the Commonwealth countries and the rest of the world.

He said that remarkably, even two days before her death, the Queen was fulfilling one of her most important roles: accepting the resignation of the country’s parliamentary leader and asking the new prime minister to form her government.

dr Alim Abubakre is a member of the Advisory Board of the London Business School Africa Club and Non-Executive Chair of These Executive Minds (TEXEM) – an organization he founded which has trained over 4,000 executives on multiple continents.

He is Senior Lecturer in International Business at Sheffield Business School (an AACSB-accredited business school) at Sheffield Hallam University.

Sheffield Hallam has been named University of the Year for Teaching Quality by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020. (NAN) (

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