NGO Trains 320 Islamic Clerics On Modern Entrepreneurship 

Imam Fuad Ademola-AdeyemiNational Chief Imam of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society and Managing Director of Just Foundation, said she has so far trained more than 320 Islamic scholars in modern entrepreneurship to enable them to become self-sufficient.

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He made the revelation in an interview with the press agency of Nigeria on the sidelines of a one-day workshop organized by the NGOSaturday at Birnin-Kebbi.

naija papers

NOPE reports that the program, which was organized for imams and other Islamic scholars across Kebi by Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society, was supported by the MacAuthor Foundation.

naija papers

NAN also reports that the program aimed to encourage consumption of Halal (legal livelihood) and empower religious leaders to be financially independent.

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The National Chief Imam said, “The direct people who have benefited from the program across Nigeria are 320, who will hand it over to their mosques and other allied groups.

“While they are doing this, we are also giving them the necessary support, we are thanking Allah Almighty, we are seeing the results.

“This program we are running today is just one, we have many other programs running that we use to ensure that corruption is rooted out, this is one of the areas in which MacAuthor supports us .

“So all together we are targeting no less than 1,000 people, because we are training young people to use their mobile phones to earn money, this we have already started and it is having an impact.


“In the same vein, we train women, we also work with other organizations to train people.

Ademola-Adeyemi said the main objective of the program was to end corruption, adding that “one of the best ways to do this was to involve religious scholars given that” Nigeria is a highly religious country.

He observed that for a program to penetrate into society and achieve significant success, such programs must go through religious leaders.

“The main way to stop corruption is to train or empower clerics and imams on what corruption is and how to fight it.

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“When an Imam or a cleric is hungry and he has to preach on the people who gave him money, how can he speak against them?

“It’s because, how is he going to survive without going back to them?”

“But, when he is financially independent, he can call a spade a spade without thinking of getting anything from anyone.

“That’s why we started this program called ‘Strengthening Imams and Islamic Scholars’,” he said.

Ademola-Adeyemi said it was in order to allow them to have enough of themselves to be able to tell the truth, and therefore to make the country a better place.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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