Newcastle a ‘landing pad’ for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and professionals are invited to set up shop in Newcastle for free for three months.

It’s all part of a City of Newcastle (CN) initiative to diversify and increase the local skills base in the region.

Australian and international innovators are offered membership – valid until June 2023 – at the Landing Pad, a co-working space at Newcastle University’s I2N Center with access to smart city infrastructure, an investor network and collaboration with academic experts.

According to the Regional Institute of Australia, recent bank data shows that Newcastle is one of five LGAs to have received the largest share of migration from capital cities.

And 30-year-olds who are looking for economic opportunities with a balanced lifestyle and close to nature are leading the charge.

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This includes Kate Bertel.

The coach moved his family from Holland to Newcastle last year and is one of 30 new players on the landing pad.

“If you want to make an impact in your community, you can do that more easily in Newcastle than in a big city,” he said.

Newcastle welcomes new ideas with open arms.

Deputy Mayor Declan Clausen said Newcastle was a “startup’s paradise”.

“The landing page encourages people to experience the city and its local culture of innovation before settling down permanently,” he explained.

It is also encouraging for entrepreneurs to establish their base in our city and help create new jobs or support emerging industries.

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Local governments often spend a lot of time and money trying to attract big businesses.

We have changed that narrative and are attracting highly skilled entrepreneurs who bring their networks, expertise and innovative businesses to create local opportunities.

“Those looking to get away from the big cities will experience the best of modern Newcastle.

“It’s a place full of innovators, vibrant nightlife and business confidence, with more than $100 million in DA approved by council every month.”

Siobhan Curran, Senior Director of I2N and Innovation at Newcastle University, said LandingPad supports a community of pioneers to use technology to grow their businesses globally.

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“A landing pad candidate may seek to mitigate climate change or deliver better outcomes for health or business,” he said.

“We are industry, sector and stage oriented, as long as they are developing a positive product or solution that is scalable.

Landing Pad offers professional office facilities, mentoring opportunities and a network of like-minded people in an enviable location.

You might strike up a conversation in a cafe or kitchen that could spark your next collaboration or connect you with clients and customers.

“You have to level up to have a chance, and that’s harder to do at home on a laptop.”

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