New XR-Land Metaverse Imversed Embraces Mixed-Reality Life

Augmented and virtual reality technology will drastically change daily life, and that’s not as far away as one might think. The first-ever XR land metaverse, Imversed, looks ahead of the curve and intends to combine AR/VR technology with geographically connected lands to create a fully immersive reality that merges the virtual worlds with physical worlds. Imversed also announced that the XR land concept visual preview would launch in October.

AR/VR is the future

Similar to the beginning of the smartphone era, it is a clear sign when big tech companies start producing AR/VR headsets. You recognize the enormous market potential. Over the next three years, market research firms forecast that the VR and AR industry will grow by $162.71 billion, or a CAGR of 46%.

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One of the first adopters of VR/AR technology was HTC. Gamers love their VIVE PRO VR headgear. Furthermore, with the announcement of Viverse in March, HTC showed a strong desire to integrate AR and VR into daily life. Viverse uses virtual and augmented reality, high-speed connectivity, AI and blockchain technologies to enable seamless experiences that can be accessed on any device, anywhere.

In July, Google announced that they had started small public tests for their AR glasses prototypes. The prototypes include in-lens displays, microphones and cameras, but with severe limitations on what they can do to protect user privacy. While Google insists they are “taking it slow,” their AR glasses are expected to be available as early as next year.

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According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple has applied for three new trademarks, “Reality One”, “Reality Pro” and “Reality Processor”. Apple’s headset is speculated to have 12 cameras to track hand and eye movements, and it will also use its M1 chips to power the device. The consensus is that Apple is close to launching its AR/VR headset, with the announcement expected in January 2023.

AR/VR trends and opportunities

AR/VR technology is used in various markets including gaming, corporate, healthcare and even the military. The potential market will no doubt shift and accelerate now that tech companies are preparing to enter it.

Metaverse projects also exhibit this striking pattern. To create a new and immersive environment that people crave, new Metaverse projects focus more on AR and VR technology merging with real-world applications.

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Imvers is exactly that. Imversed, the first-ever XR land metaverse, aims to create a fully immersive world by merging AR/VR technologies with geographically connected lands. Users can easily buy, sell or monetize their property in the Imversed.World.

Also, anyone using an AR/VR headset can view any user-generated content posted on a property. This offers companies and developers practically unlimited possibilities. Users can look forward to a unique experience where they can seamlessly switch between the digital and physical worlds. They can interact with their favorite stars, avatars, or game characters as they wander through a virtual New York City.

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