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CHARLESTON, SC, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Throughout her successful career in pediatric nursing, Andrena Zeigler has encountered many children who were overcome by emotion when visiting the doctor, and it was an important part of her job to address the fears to relieve children. In keeping with the spirit of encouragement that accompanies her role, Zeigler was inspired to write a series of children’s books to provide positive affirmation to children who are reluctant to see a doctor. Her mission is to help children who are overwhelmed at the thought of going to the pediatrician to discover just how brave they really are.

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in the But I’m not sick and I’m bigger and braver, a small child struggles with the fear of having to visit the pediatrician. Through this entertaining and engaging series, children will learn that visiting their doctor doesn’t have to be scary. Zeigler encourages parents to talk to their children about what to expect when they visit the doctor, giving children a sense of preparation. And by helping children to acknowledge their fear, she empowers readers to overcome their emotions. Whether prior to a physical exam or routine vaccinations, Zeigler’s stories feature colorful illustrations and demonstrate coping skills that resonate well beyond childhood.

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But I’m not sick is available online at I’m bigger and braver is available online at More information about the books and Andrena Zeigler can be found on the website or on one of her social media platforms.

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About the author:

Andrena Zeigler is a Registered Advanced Practice Nurse who received her Doctor of Nursing honors degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and has practiced in the field of pediatrics for 20 years. dr Named South Carolina Primary Care Nurse of the Year in 2012, Zeigler is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner and a board-certified pediatric primary care mental health specialist. She also loves teaching the next generation of nurses about pediatrics.

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She grew up in a residential area called Happy Town in Gaston, South Carolina. She is married and lives in South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. In her free time she likes to be creative with cooking, decorating, designing and writing. Her children’s books are dedicated to all the children in her life, including her daughters, nieces, nephews and her patients.


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