Houston, Texas – A recently published book, Monetizing Skills for Public Health Professionals, serves as a practical guide for those hoping to monetize their skills as public health professionals, an industry where graduates The latter often have a hard time getting it. Work.

Earning Skills for Personal Health Professionals

Public health is a growing multidisciplinary field with thousands of new graduates entering the workforce each year. These graduates are well-educated, equipped, culturally diverse, and passionate about helping people maintain and improve their health. So why do they have trouble finding a job?

Over the years, public health professionals have repeatedly complained that it is difficult to establish meaningful careers in the field after obtaining a degree. This is understandable for graduates who have spent countless hours and dollars acquiring their valuable skills. Sometimes, they even change career paths, causing a significant loss of talent and creativity in the public health industry. We want to end this problem once and for all.

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This book serves as a practical guide to monetizing your skills as a public health professional without being limited to corporate employment. Whatever you do, don’t give up! This industry needs exactly people like you, people who are self-aware and willing to use their skills to save lives.

This book contains information about the entrepreneurship sector of public health. Public health entrepreneurs choose their own pay rates as self-employed public health professionals. Public health entrepreneurs have the opportunity to choose their clients and have the opportunity to work with different individuals or agencies, places and people. As an entrepreneur, you are very marketable and can also undertake various projects, such as health education projects, policy advisors for organizations, career coaches, independent nutritionists in schools, and developing sustainable programs for individuals or Organizations.

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The need for public health entrepreneurs is a rapidly growing space in the industry. A few professionals are quickly becoming aware of what can be done, but there is still a lot to be done in the area of ​​awareness of your skills that can make you millions, while still promoting healthy and long life among people. he does.

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This book will walk you through all of your options and guide you through the various monetization strategies that can be used with your degree in public health.

The book is available at Apple Books, Amazon, Create Space, Barnes and Noble, and Ingram.




Earning skills for public health professionals Available at Apple Books, Amazon, Create Space, Barnes and Noble, and Ingram.

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