National Entrepreneur Award 2022 for Norrhydro

The traditional and very prestigious National Entrepreneur Award was awarded to Norrhydro CEO and Chairman of the Board Yrjö Trög on 22.10.2022 at the Entrepreneur Day gala in Tampere.

The award was created in 1968 by the Finnish Business Federation and Fennia Insurance Company. The aim of this award is to enhance the appreciation of entrepreneurship in Finland.

The reasons for the jury’s choice Norrhydro included the following:

  • Profitable and highly qualified company
  • A great corporate history built from Rovaniemi, where research collaboration plays an important role
  • An entrepreneurial company, although it recently went public. The IPO was a great way to seek more capital
  • The only listed company in Rovaniemi
  • New production plant in Rovaniemi during these times
  • The company has a strong development approach, as evidenced by the development unit next to the University of Tampere
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Norrhydro was founded more than 35 years ago by the employees of the company at the time to replace the company which had filed for bankruptcy. The current CEO and chairman of the board, Yrjö Trög, was not involved in the founding of the company himself, but was a member of the company’s board of directors.

At this time, the company also manufactured forest machines and cranes, but gradually the focus shifted to hydraulic cylinders and linear motion control. Thanks to this, the company has also achieved its growth,” says Trög.

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Responsibility in all aspects of the business

– We want to develop environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products, says Trög. The digital motion control solutions developed by the company help to significantly reduce emissions and the environmental burden of heavy-duty mobile machinery.

In the newly completed production plant, environmental issues have been taken into account. The solar cells on the roof of the building are used for energy production and the waste heat generated by the production is recycled.

According to Trög, the goal is to minimize the burden on the environment in all operations. A certified environmental management system monitors how materials are recycled and waste is reduced.

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Norrhydro also strives to be responsible in its operations locally and as an employer.

“We are an industrial operator and an important employer in Rovaniemi on a regional level. We want our work safety to be at the highest level and also to develop as a workplace”, says Trög.

“The Entrepreneur Award means a lot to me as an entrepreneur, but it also belongs to the business, the employees and the stakeholders. I consider the award an honorable mention to our entire network,” says Trög.

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