Nama launches ‘Inspired People 2022’ programme

The Social Development Center (NAMA), a subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation under the Ministry of Social Development and Family, has launched the Inspired People 2022 programme, entitled ‘From Idea to Success’.
This year’s edition series aims to focus on the success stories and introduce the entrepreneurs and local community in Qatar to the most prominent local, regional and international successful entrepreneurs in myriad fields and sectors.
“We seek to promote the role of entrepreneurs through this program, including their effective contribution to the development of local and national economies, spreading the messages of inspiration, encouragement and achievement among them by reviewing their personal experiences and sharing their experiences Passing on to the new generation We often seek to rehabilitate and empower young people through the new and innovative programs and ideas that align with the Qatar Foundation Ministry of Social Development and Family’s mission to further contribute to increasing the opportunities of young people expand, build their capabilities and empower the State of Qatar for a better future of the country,” said Saba Mohamed al-Fadala, Executive Director of the Center for Social Development (Nama).
Entrepreneurship Manager at Nama Mohamed al-Abdulghani said the current generation of entrepreneurs have the ability to easily access all the information they need through modern diverse technologies, but most of them do not have the ability to use the information they possess , empowering to create real experiences help to develop their skills and bring about change, adding that this gave rise to the idea of ​​a series of speakers (Inspired People).
“We are always striving to hold the (Inspired People) speaker series event on an ongoing basis and to welcome speakers with novel visions to review their personal experiences and share their multi-discipline experiences with entrepreneurs in different fields and sectors,” said Communications Manager & Media Office at Nama Fahad Ahmed al-Mana.
The program is one of the main annual activities that the center would like to organize, where successful and inspiring entrepreneurs with concrete achievements are attracted on the ground to further review their personal experiences and practical tips to transfer them with the aim of paving the way for the new generation of entrepreneurs as well as the opportunity to know the reasons for their success. In addition, it describes the main difficulties and challenges they encountered on their way to success and the methods used to overcome these challenges.

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