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When I decided to switch from my good and well-regulated hotel job to the world of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, it was undoubtedly uncharted territory and uncertain times. I had learned that running your own small business might not count as an entrepreneur, you are more likely to be labeled as self-employed. Once you cross a certain threshold of over 250-400 employees and the company grows significantly, you can call yourself an entrepreneur.

For me, this moment of being called an entrepreneur or a restaurateur came only a few years after I left my job and started a restaurant and grew it into a restaurant chain. The Kebabs & Curries Company started with one store and has grown into a chain of stores spreading joy and serving amazing food to their customers in 15 locations.

Running a single outlet is very different than scaling to numerous food and beverage outlets. In my exciting journey, I’ve learned a few rock-solid mantras that can help a budding restaurateur build a chain of outlets and create something more meaningful and fulfilling.

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Here is my list of mantras that have kept me steadfast on my entrepreneurial journey:

Mantra 1: Focus on leadership development: Our people are our most valuable asset, and more importantly, ensuring our people grow with us and become future leaders is paramount. The best way to grow an organization is to create leaders in all areas, from the kitchen, guest relations, back of house or front of house. Developing leaders is probably the most important task of an entrepreneur.

Mantra 2: Consistency and standardization is the name of the game: this mantra is very close to my heart. When we talk about one of the successful global restaurant chains, one thing they have done wonderfully is to standardize their offerings in terms of food, drink and the brand that resonates with millions. This is only possible by focusing on fixing processes, creating systems and products that work in all locations and always.

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Mantra 3: Be bold: Taking risks and testing in uncharted waters is a prerequisite to being a successful entrepreneur. While only calculated risks should be taken after weighing all options, one must be bold and bold – as the saying goes, “victory always lies on the other side of fear”.

Mantra 4: Take excellent care of the team: The world of food and drink should have smiling, warm and efficient team members running the show. This can only be achieved if the organization takes good care of its employees and allows them to learn, grow and do their best. When our people excel, we shine and the brand grows.

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Mantra 5: Always keep the guest and their experience in mind: Delighted guests who love our food and beverages, appreciate our service standards and enjoy coming to or ordering from us should be our top priority. There are two very important aspects that the whole team should focus on and they are Service Excellence and Service Recovery. As we deliver these two aspects to each of our customers, the brand grows exponentially.

The author is Managing Director, KCCO India Pvt. GmbH.

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