Musk-led Twitter laid off some employees by mistake, asks them to come back

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Elon Musk-led Twitter is reportedly asking dozens of employees to lay back, after layoffs targeted half the company.

“Some of the ones that were being asked to return were removed in error, according to two people familiar with the move. Others were let go before management realized that there was a need for Musk’s new facilities. Their work and experience may be necessary for construction, People said, discussing personal information not to be identified,” Bloomberg wrote.

On Friday, barely a week after Musk bought Twitter, the company went ahead with plans to lay off about 50 percent of its workforce. Around 3,700 people were reportedly locked up. Bloomberg wrote, “Many employees learned that they had lost their jobs after having access to company-wide systems such as email and Slack. Employees’ requests to return showed how fast and chaotic the process was.”

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Reports said Twitter started asking hired employees to come back on Saturday. Business Insider quoted a source as saying that an “activist who was asked by Twitter to revert declined the offer because they felt ‘used to,’ and thought they were fired again soon. Will go.”

Payment verification delayed until after Tuesday’s election

Twitter is reportedly delaying the implementation of Musk’s $8 per month plan to verify accounts until after Tuesday’s midterm elections. Twitter prematurely said in its release notes for the iOS app update on Saturday that payment verification is being rolled out “starting today.” but a company official Confirmed In a tweet that change is not live yet.

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The delay was also confirmed in news reports. “Twitter is delaying the rollout of account verification for its paid Twitter Blue subscription plan until after the midterm election,” the news site wrote, a source with knowledge of the decision confirmed to CNN.

However, payment verification can be started this week. “The changes are being delayed until Wednesday to avoid possible chaos during the US midterm elections,” Bloomberg wrote. A week ago, Musk reportedly ordered employees to make changes by November 7, which is today.

Meanwhile, five employees filed a class-action lawsuit against Twitter, alleging that the layoffs violated federal and state worker adjustment and retraining notification laws, which require a written 60-day advance prior to mass layoffs. information is required. Laid-off Tesla employees filed a similar lawsuit in June.

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Musk defended Twitter layoffs on Friday, Writing That “unfortunately there is no option when the company is losing more than $4M/day. Everyone who exited was offered 3 months severance, which is 50% more than what is legally required. ” A report in The Verge states that Twitter’s “products are based on trust and security, policy, communications, tweet curation, ethical AI, data science, research, machine learning, social good, accessibility and even some core Layoffs were particularly widespread among engineering teams.”


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