Milford shop keeps financial dream alive for Black business owners

MILFORD – Tia Woods dreams of bringing exposure to black brands and helping people in her community build and keep wealth.

With her business, ITS The Room, Woods, an author, small business owner and elected official in her hometown of East Hartford, now showcases the latest Black brand in a new space inside the Connecticut Post Mall.

Woods, who started the business with her daughter Tiana Allman in 2019, said “Its The Room was started with one common goal – to help other creative professionals start and establish their own successful ventures ”

Woods said ITS The Room is a retail business focused on expanding and highlighting black brands, as well as giving designers the opportunity to build legacy and wealth.

“We give people a chance to create wealth and leave a legacy,” she said. “The goal is to attract people to come in and buy and help keep money in our community. I want to help people in my community create wealth.”

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