Micron semiconductor plant bringing up to 9,000 jobs to upstate NY

Chipmaker Micron Technology on Tuesday announced plans to spend $100 billion on a massive semiconductor factory in upstate New York that the company says will create thousands of six-figure jobs.

The facility in Clay, a Syracuse suburb, will directly employ up to 9,000 people over the next two decades to manufacture semiconductors, the critical computer parts used in everything from cell phones to automobiles.

Construction of the first of four phases of the project will begin in 2024, with the facility expected to employ 3,000 people when it opens in 2025, according to the Boise-based company.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra told Syracuse.com that the upstate investment is the largest in its history — and that the average worker at the plant will earn a salary of $100,000.

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The 1,300-acre facility will also create about 40,000 outside jobs for contractors, vendors and others, according to the company.

“This project is a dramatic turning point for a region that has faced decades of manufacturing job losses,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in a statement. “It will put upstate New York on the map in a way we haven’t seen in generations.”

The factory is planned for a 1,300 hectare site north of Syracuse.
The White Pine Commerce Park

New York battled at least four other states, including Texas, over the facility — and won with an offer of at least $6 billion in tax incentives over the next two decades, according to Syracuse.com.

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The news comes as US lawmakers are pushing to reduce the American economy’s reliance on foreign chipmakers. Many of the world’s largest chipmakers are located in Taiwan and mainland China, raising the possibility that a blockade or war in Asia would be disastrous for both the US economy and national security, since semiconductors are also found in military hardware such as missiles and tanks be used.

In August, President Joe Biden signed a $280 billion package called the CHIPS Act, which includes $52 billion to boost domestic semiconductor production.

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Chuck Schumer
“This project is a dramatic turning point for a region that has faced decades of manufacturing job losses,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).
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Mehrotra commended Schumer and Biden for passing the CHIPS bill, and Gov. Kathy Hochul and Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon for finalizing state and local partnerships.

“This historic, state-of-the-art storage megafab in central New York will provide benefits beyond the semiconductor industry by enhancing U.S. technology leadership, economic and national security, and fueling American innovation and competitiveness for decades to come,” said Mehrotra.

Micron shares were up 3.8% early Tuesday.

Micron isn’t the only chipmaker to announce major US expansion this year. Intel announced plans in January to spend $20 billion on two chip factories in Ohio that will employ 3,000 people and create 7,000 construction jobs.

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