Men’s Wellness Brand Scotch Porter Launches First Social Impact Fund

Award-winning men’s grooming and wellness brand Scotch Porter has launched the Scotch Porter Impact Fund.

The brand’s philanthropic commitment offers consumers the opportunity to become active partners in Scotch Porter’s give-back initiative by having Scotch Porter donate a portion of its purchases to organizations that support financial growth and independence and work to improve the communities, whom they serve now and strengthen in the future.

Driven by the own experiences of founder and CEO Calvin Quallis, Scotch Porter’s mission is to make a tangible and positive impact on the communities that need it most. The brand will contribute 2% of its U.S. online sales, collectively more than 1% of its total sales, to strengthening communities through organizations like America On Tech and ManifestWorks, while continuing to work strategically with partners that bring economic mobility opportunities to underserved people Communities including Make USA.

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“Scotch Porter’s mission goes well beyond the customers we serve. Its essence drives our commitment to harnessing the potential of neglected communities and empowering them with the tools and resources to live their best and most fulfilling lives,” said Quallis. “I am delighted to officially launch the Scotch Porter Impact Fund because it is an initiative that puts this commitment into action. By enabling our consumers to be partners in pioneering this transformation, we hope this fund will play a vital role in promoting economic empowerment for underserved, previously excluded groups.”

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Four philanthropic pillars

Behind this initiative are Scotch Porter’s four philanthropic pillars:

Education and Training: Scotch Porter believes that education and training are the building blocks of a fulfilling life. They are the key to social stability and upward mobility. Scotch Porter is committed to creating and supporting education and training pipelines to increase access to men in underserved communities;

Entrepreneurship: As a descendant of an immigrant family and an entrepreneur, enhancing lower-level business wealth among people of color—particularly Latinos and African Americans—is a pillar that resonates with Quallis. Equipping communities with the tools and resources to build wealth through entrepreneurship is an extension of Scotch Porter’s mission to empower others to live their best and fulfilling lives;

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Reoffending: Nearly 1 in 3 Black boys can expect to go to prison, and of those in this cohort, nearly 70% return to prison within a year. True rehabilitation is the only way to break this cycle, says the brand. Scotch Porter has a conscious commitment to reducing recidivism and believes it is one of the most powerful ways to drive change in the communities we serve.

With over $75,000 in donations to date, the brand aims to continue fulfilling its mission of providing underserved communities with the financial resources they need through proceeds raised by the Scotch Porter Impact Fund.

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