Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) Africa Entrepreneurial Training Program 2024 for young African Entrepreneurs (Fully Sponsored)

mest-africas entrepreneurship training program

Application deadline: February 26, 2023

MEST Africa is pleased to announce that applications are open for it MEST training program, class of 2024! Access to world-class education at Software development, business and communication skills from 12-month MEST Africa training program. Apply now to be part of the next class of innovative tech entrepreneurs!

MEST has confirmed that it will start a new cohort for its main training program in the country August 2023. The programs open December 12, 2022 and close February 26, 2023.

MEST training program

MEST offers a 12-month graduate-level training course to aspiring entrepreneurs across the African continent.

The entrepreneurship training program in business, communication and software development includes extensive practical project work that culminates in the final stage and an opportunity to receive initial investment and business growth.

The globally successful educational program is implemented with the help of an internationally recognized faculty. Our teaching partners are from some of the best universities in the world. MEST also gives Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs) the opportunity to be mentored by real entrepreneurs, CEOs and other executives from around the world. The guests have been the executives of Uber, Facebook, Safaricom, Samsung, Interswitch and many others.

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Since its inception in 2008, MEST has invested over $25 million in training over 1,000 individual entrepreneurs and funded over 80 software companies across Africa. MEST entrepreneurs have developed solutions to address local, regional and global markets, received follow-on funding from global investors and entered top accelerator programs such as Y Combinator, 500 Startups and TechStars.

Candidate profile

  • Degree from a top university or technical college or equivalent experience with at least two (2) years of corporate and start-up experience (preferred)
  • Deep skills in communication, business or software development (from scratch or acquired in the pre-learning phase)
  • Young people interested in technology and entrepreneurship and how to use technology to achieve business results
  • Must be willing to commit to a full residential program for one full year
  • Organized and motivated self-starter who can work and deliver on assignments and projects – demonstrated by completing required pre-learning courses and MEST’s rigorous hiring process.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to start a company
  • Ability to communicate honestly and persuasively
  • Ability to work well in a team, proven academic or professional excellence
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • With self-confidence and independent thinking
  • Excellent people skills
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  • The MEST training program is an intensive 12-month, full-time, fully supported program where the cohort – known as Entrepreneurs in Education (EIT) – completes a postgraduate course in software development, business and communications. Focus on practical implementation
  • This period culminates with an investor pitch, with an opportunity to receive seed funding and enter MEST’s portfolio to incubate the company.

Sample curriculum

  • Major programming languages
  • Web and mobile development
  • UI/UX
  • Formation of culture-oriented teams
  • Business and revenue modeling
  • Branding and communication
  • market research
  • Product development and innovation
  • Marketing and Growth Hacking
  • Financial management and investment
  • Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Metrics and measurements
  • Sales and traction
  • Preparing to invest
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Important dates

  • Closing programs: February 26, 2023
  • Start the program: August 2023

How to apply

Complete these pre-learning courses:

  1. Organizational design thinking expert
  2. Understand the basics of code

Note: After completing your first course on the IBM Digital Nation Africa portal, you will be directed to create an account on Once you do this, your badge will be automatically posted to Acclaim. You can get your profile link by clicking on the profile icon and selecting “View my profile”.

please pay attention You must complete these courses, submit your profile link, and upload your certificate by the application deadline.

Take an aptitude test

You are required to take the Aptitude Test as your score will be requested when filling your application form and will determine your move to the next stage.

For more information:

Visit the official webpage of the MEST Africa Entrepreneurship Training Program 2024


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