Mehmet Oz is clueless about the economy. Pennsylvanians should vote for him anyway

The Pennsylvania Senate race between John Fetterman (D) and Mehmet Oz (R) is closely watched. And it should be. Whoever wins will not only represent their state’s interests, but will also likely be extremely influential in what is likely to be a very tightly divided Senate after the midterm elections.

There are many social issues such as abortion, gun control and crime that are close to the hearts of many voters. But as a small business owner working directly with hundreds of other executives in Pennsylvania and across the country, I think it’s important to be clear about which candidate would be a better fit for the business. That candidate is Mehmet Oz.

Why? Because Mehmet Oz would be a terrible Senator.

But also, I have no doubt, he will be a very good Republican. And that’s exactly what business needs right now in what has been a very hostile environment for the last two years.

Oz has no government or leadership experience. His positions on many issues are disturbingly vague. He attacks China and Biden’s “failed economic policies” but offers no better strategy (most likely because he doesn’t have one). He assures us that he “understands the challenges our small business owners face due to government regulations that stifle growth and opportunity.” How does he know? He never ran a small business. He’s a TV celebrity. He’s not even from Pennsylvania.

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Oz does not qualify as a US Senator. His motives are in doubt, his support for former President Trump is troubling, his medical ethics are questionable, and his commitment to his future constituents is uncertain.

But based on what I’ve seen of Oz’s superficiality, the man would be so enthralled with his newfound national stature, and so desperate to maintain it, that he would do whatever it takes for his party to secure him in the future support. That means approving every position of the Republican Party. I like it; It’s a good thing.

That’s a good thing because it will force the Biden administration to slow down its excessive and damaging “green and clean” rhetoric and work toward deregulation of refinery construction and oil exploration to get us back to using the vast amount of energy reserves , which we have to use. It means curbing any calls for more spending programs (on top of the overspending that has already occurred), which has undoubtedly contributed to inflation.

It means pushing for a comprehensive immigration law to give our businesses the workers they need in these times of labor shortages. It means legally challenging the government’s anti-business, pro-worker policies that have led to a surge in unionization and a license for regulators to introduce more rules and regulations for businesses, covering everything from worker classification to supporting local Cover increases in minimum wages, greater wage transparency, and stricter hiring and payment practices.

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It means supporting more funding and freedom for police to do their job and nationally denounce the disastrous policies and politicians that have led to our astronomical levels of homicide and murder (especially in places like my hometown of Philadelphia). , which have deterred visitors and customers from local establishments.

In a country with the largest economy in the world, business matters. It is important in a free-market capitalist society that encourages risk-taking and financial success.

Unfortunately, Fetterman, always loyal to the progressive anti-business camp, attacks “corporate greed” and “price gouging” as the root of all our economic ills. He proposes higher taxes and urges the rich to “pay their fair share” as a route to prosperity.

Every entrepreneur knows that this is nonsensical, populist rhetoric that discourages entrepreneurs from taking risks, investing, spending and hiring. I’d rather have a clueless Oz than a populist Fetterman on this matter. At the very least, Oz would be following the lead of Republican Party leaders, who know better.

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Oz doesn’t have the leadership skills to be a Senator. None of his positions are original or innovative. But he will support his party as it seeks to legislate to offset many of the Biden administration’s over-the-top orders and regulations that have helped choke the economy and severely stunted the growth of countless businesses across the country.

As a Republican, I don’t agree with everything my party supports — their positions on abortion and gun control are two big ones. And I am appalled by my party’s shameful connivance of Trump’s behavior and absurd denial of the 2020 election results.

But for me as an entrepreneur, it’s all about the economy. Small businesses suffer from high inflation, labor shortages, tighter regulations and slow growth. As unqualified as Oz is, I know his support for Republican initiatives to restore economic growth is a better option than his opponent.

Mehmet Oz would be a terrible senator. That’s why I vote for him.

Gene Marks is the founder of The Marks Group, a small business consulting firm. He appears frequently on CNBC, Fox Business and MSNBC.


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