Meet Top 5 Emerging Entrepreneurs Ruling Their Respective Industries Through Their Saas-based Services

Many people aspire to start their own business. After all, what could be better than working for yourself and making your passion project known? Although starting your own business can be scary, using the right strategies can increase your chances of success. However, many business owners have come to terms with these difficulties and improved their chances of success. To help you learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, content marketing firm Typopedia Incorporation has compiled a list of the top 5 emerging entrepreneurs. Their success stories and how they are building their own respective empires will motivate you to do your best for your business. All of the entrepreneurs listed below have become the best in their respective fields due to their dedication and hard work.

1. Atul Bahl & Dhruv Jain – Moonshot

With over 15 years of collective experience in web interaction design, programmatic advertising, performance marketing and media buying, Atul Bahl is the co-founder of Moonshot. It is a new era distribution-as-a-service (DaaS) startup, unlike existing platforms in retail and FMCG distribution. It is an omnichannel technology platform that provides brands with access to general commerce, modern commerce and e-commerce. Not only Atul was the backbone of the business, but Dhruv Jain, the other co-founder, who has expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing and branding, grew the business. Under their leadership and strong vision, the company is building the largest real-time data collection technology engine and feedback loop to enable small and medium enterprises to grow across all pan-India channels.

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2. Puneet Johar – GluedIn

Associated with Coca-Cola in the management of the brand in the initial phase, Puneet Johar, with his twenty years of experience, founded “GluedIn”. They are focused on building an in-app community and helping their clients deliver in-app experiences to their customers across e-commerce, media, and FMCG industries. The program enables the integration of short video streams, shopping entertainment, user-generated content (UGC), gamification, and prizes into apps, helping to drive user retention and growth. ‘company. As an entrepreneur and professional in the digital space, Puneet has been a serial entrepreneur, having founded four companies in the digital media space over the past ten years, including Tangerine Digital, To The New, #fame and now GluedIn. And today, his companies have been pioneers in the field of digital video.

3. Sumit Bhatia & Ankit Jain – Aksum Trademart Pvt. ltd.

With over fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur in various leadership positions, Ankit Jain has been the backbone of Aksum. Using his knowledge and hard work, the start-up plans to raise capital in stages in line with its growth milestones and invest in technology. Today, his start-up promises to solve inventory management challenges and deliver operational efficiencies to SMEs in the steel, infrastructure and construction sectors. The brand aims to improve supply chain efficiency in manufacturing, infrastructure and trade activities by focusing on creating a digitized distribution platform for procurement and enabling the Access to working capital through a combination of traditional and technology-driven solutions. Having an entrepreneurial experience of over two decades, Summit Bhatia co-founded Aksum Trademart Pvt. Prior to Aksum, he served as Senior Vice President of Business Operations for Power2SME Private Limited.

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4. Mohit Parnami – Sarkar SEO

As a digital marketing expert, Mohit Parnami, who worked for more than ten years with the desire to bring technology to a wider audience, founded his own company ‘SarkarSEO’. This is an SEO company that seeks to help businesses improve their online presence through improved SERP rankings. In other words, the organization offers effective SEO solutions to help online businesses get the best ROI possible. Mohit developed an early interest in technology and attended Malviya National Institute of Technology in Jaipur to complete his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Through his company, SarkarSEO, he is focused on delivering high value through reliable, quantifiable and scalable SEO solutions to his clients around the world. As the partner of choice for all organizations today, his company has established a presence and relevance in the digital sphere with an annual turnover of 5M USD.

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5. Abhishek Tyagi – Any Tech Ventures Pvt. ltd.

A trader with the voice of the customer at heart, Abhishek Tyagi is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Any Tech Ventures Group, with AnyTechTrial & Value Prospects as his flagship businesses. His company just launched AnyTechMeta, an enterprise metaverse community for tech OEMs. and users. It is a modern company that promotes the wider adoption of technology through the use of data analytics, marketing and web3. Their open and scalable architecture enables immersive user experiences and redefines the standards of consumer engagement. He started AnyTechTrial as a motivated and committed CEO with over ten years of learning experience in cross-domain roles. This organization runs the most comprehensive SaaS and Web3 marketplace, where technology users can freely browse, review, and test products. Abhishek’s vision and decision-making skills, as well as his promotion of a culture of continuous development, have helped his company carve out a market niche.


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