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At just 24 years old, Alex Crawford, a medical student at the University of the West Indies, is heading up two groundbreaking startups in the United States.

At the height of the global pandemic, Crawford and his business partners launched Imperial Solutions LLC, a hospitality company with more than 400 employees that provides business solutions to more than 100 clients in seven major cities, and Aidamm LLC, an e-commerce marketplace for small and medium. Big Companies

Aidamm has an 80% success rate of seller signups and has seen a 1000% increase in app downloads since launch. They have also sold 90% of the products offered on the website, ranging from air pods to cereals. And as Crawford says, he’s just getting started.

As a young man from humble beginnings, Crawford was bitten into entrepreneurship early on, starting business ventures from his days at Manchester High School, where he quickly saw entrepreneurship as a potential tool to change his life and empower many. Other identified in this way. .

In Upper Manchester, Crawford met some lifelong friends who later became business partners in his business in the United States. So it’s no doubt why he looks back on his days at Jamaica’s premier south-central school with such fondness. “This is the best school in Jamaica!” He said. “It is fully comprehensive and recognized for excellence in the arts, sports and academic achievement.”

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Many are afraid of mixing friendship with business. But the formula has worked well for Crawford and his executive team of successful young professionals in business, science, technology and medicine. When asked what makes a successful partnership, he said, “The answer is the trust and dedication of everyone involved, led by a radical visionary.”

Crawford pursues this “radical vision” to bring Idam to unprecedented success. Since the pandemic, the online business community has expanded and capitalized on the time people spend online. Crawford recognized opportunities early and didn’t let fear slow him down.

He stepped in when Covid-19 brought mandatory furloughs, layoffs and job closures. He realized that people needed to buy groceries without leaving home, and other companies were taking too long to sell online. Businesses must either adapt or die. Meanwhile, the e-commerce industry was booming. Over time, Aidamm’s vision expanded beyond groceries to become a comprehensive online hub for small businesses, driven by a desire to improve the online shopping and delivery experience in the Caribbean. Crawford focused on building an e-commerce and marketing platform where small and medium-sized companies could market their products and services and present them to the global market in several convenient ways.


The new kids in the e-commerce space gave the Aidamm team a significant advantage as they looked at what their competitors were offering and how they could offer better solutions.

Many small businesses struggle with the cost of developing a website and the challenges of accepting online payments without the red tape associated with financial institutions. Aidamm has masterfully solved both of these problems as sellers can list their products or services online, where there is no barrier to entry. The platform, in turn, creates new market buys and helps businesses capitalize on recent sales and revenue opportunities. They have guaranteed approval of international payment gateways like Stripe, Apple Pay, Mango Pay, PayPal, RazorPay and bank transfers. In addition, Crawford has managed to secure partnerships with DHL, FedEx, USPS and Australia Post to ensure that items can be shipped and tracked worldwide with complete transparency.

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Crawford said: “We believe in the power of the digital space to change the way people live and communicate with each other and provide world-class technical and infrastructure support that our customers – whether sellers or buyers – can use to expand their reach and communicate more effectively. we have.” . “We have constantly positioned ourselves at the leading edge of innovation, finding the best wholesale and retail e-commerce products, services and solutions for our users.”

Aidamm envisions greater access for Caribbean SMEs to the global economy and a way to accept foreign currency payments online. This platform enables them to generate more revenue to grow and operate safely and efficiently.

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