Matt Riddle wants to get down to business at WWE Extreme Rules

After a summer of arguments, bad feelings and more than some incredibly personal digs, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle will finally go head-to-head in WWE’s most appropriate stage yet in a Fight Pit Match Extreme Rules. Soon it will be time to talk, it will be time to act and fans will finally have an answer to the question: Rollins vs. Riddle, who reigns best?

So Rollins is already looking forward to a follow-up match with Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship and maybe even a fight with Roman Reigns, the only other man he thinks is on his level in the WWE Universe right now, understandable Riddle a little overlooked, right? How sure, he’s a former MMA fighter – a member of the fraternity, as a guest referee Daniel Kormier said further RAW – but even if he pulls out the win at Extreme Rules, where does it fit Riddle’s story? What is Riddle’s story other than being mad at The Bloodline for hurting Randy Orton and not liking that Rollins disrespects him? If the match ends with Rollins shaking his hand Ring of Honor style, what’s next for Riddle?

No, with more storylines than he knows how to begin with, the aftermath of Extreme Rules will no doubt have something for Rollins in one way or another, especially with a new season of RAW is scheduled to begin the next episode of WWE television. Riddle’s future, even in victory, is a lot more up in the air as The Original Bro wasn’t exactly the focus of the promotion’s storytelling. And yet, when Riddle sat down with Corey Graves to talk about his life, career and upcoming match Extreme Rules on After the bellHe discussed the perception that he is not professional and how he is willing to get down to business and make some serious money.

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Matt Riddle is ready for his WWE business to go extreme.

After losing a match against Rollins Clash at the castleRiddle wanted nothing more than to face off against “The Visionary” once more and finally slay the proverbial dragon that had been giving him seizures for months in WWE. And yet Rollins wasn’t too keen on the idea. Aside from the apparent hatred between the two cast members, Rollins simply felt that Riddle wasn’t up to his par and would have preferred to have channeled his energies into more fruitful endeavors. Still, Riddle persisted, and a match was eventually made between his mentions of Rollins being second best after his wife, Becky Lynch, and the role he played in costing ex-“Monday Night Messiah” the US Championship , which he discussed with Graves, as transcribed by Fightful.

“Well, he wasn’t a fan of mine,” Riddle said to Graves. “It’s not that I wasn’t a fan of his, but someone who was close to me at the time said a few things, and this, that, and that, and Seth wasn’t looking at me, he wasn’t talking to me me, he wanted nothing to do with me. At the end of the day, like Brock and everyone else, you don’t have a choice. I’m here, I’ll keep working hard. At some point you have to get in the ring with me and we have to do business. Eventually Seth came to that conclusion. But I think he also recognizes what I bring to the table. What I’m willing to do to get reactions from the crowd.”

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That’s in large part why Riddle so readily allowed Rollins to bring up his real-life family troubles: to sell some proverbial tickets or, in this case, get people to tune in to Peacock.

“Like when we get personal, we talk about things that we probably shouldn’t talk about,” Riddle said. “But I’m like, ‘Bro, I don’t care. I mean, I pay child support. Things are tough for me. For me, I asked him to look at it more as a therapeutic thing. Anyone who knows me knows what I’m going through. I think that’s the big thing. I think it’s something Seth does and people don’t realize, I want people to relate to that. Anyone can relate to being the smaller brother/boyfriend who just wants to be cool and have the other brother like, that’s me and Randy. With Seth it’s just two guys who don’t like each other and Seth is talking some shit he shouldn’t be talking and we’re at the point where I want to hurt him physically, mentally and emotionally. He does too. I think, you know, I’m just trying to build this story and build certain things that are more real to me, the easier it is the better it is, and that’s what makes it so good to work with Seth because he it is in the same way. He likes to go all out.”

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In the end, whether Riddle wins or loses, he’ll still go out there, edit the match to the best of his ability, and do business like a true pro, even if that’s not necessarily his perception in the wrestling world.

“I may not come across as professional,” Riddle said. “But I do business, I work, and Seth knows that – he does too. So even if we don’t like each other, although I’m not his biggest fan and I know he doesn’t like me. We’re going to get in that ring and we’re going to work, we’re going to do business.”

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