Martha’s Vineyard migrants likely not eligible for Cape Cod jobs


There is a labor shortage on Cape Cod. Everywhere you look there are job advertisements. Is there a way to connect the migrants who recently arrived on Martha’s Vineyard with local employment opportunities?

Not so.

On July 11, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas extended eligibility for temporary protection status for immigrants from Venezuela by 18 months. This extension took effect on September 10 and will last until March 10, 2024.

However, this status, which would allow someone to apply for an employment authorization document with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, is only available to people who have been in the United States since March 8, 2021 — and — who have already successfully completed a Temporary have received protected status.

Civil Law AttorneysExplain the lawsuit filed on behalf of Martha’s Vineyard migrants

“Generally, they can’t work until they have an employment permit,” explained Jacob Love, an attorney with Lawyers for Civil Rights. “This whole ruse and plan messed that up. Most have ongoing immigration procedures in Texas or elsewhere. As far as they can get a permit, this whole thing threw a wrench in it.

And that magnitude may be very limited for most or all of the 50 migrants who arrived on Martha’s Vineyard last week.

More on immigration: Martha’s Vineyard welcomed 50 migrants. Up to 2,000 migrants arrive in El Paso every day.

Temporary protected status was originally made available to immigrants from Venezuela by Mayorkas on March 8, 2021. It was valid until September 9, 2022. This happened because Venezuela was in a serious humanitarian emergency.

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Martha’s Vineyard migrants may not be eligible to work here

The country “has been in the midst of a serious political and economic crisis for several years,” the order of March 8, 2021 said. Venezuelans also suffered from human rights violations.

The Department of Homeland Security extended the temporary protective status designation on July 11, 2022, as it was scheduled to expire in September.

“This action is one of many ways the Biden administration is providing humanitarian assistance to Venezuelans at home and abroad, along with our regional partners. We will continue to work with our international partners to address regional migration challenges while ensuring our borders remain secure,” Mayorkas said in an official statement on July 11, 2022.

“Only beneficiaries under Venezuela’s existing designation who were already residents of the United States as of March 8, 2021 are eligible to re-enroll in TPS under this extension,” the announcement reads.

‘We are here to help’:Cape groups willing to support Mass. agencies helping migrants

At the time, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that this was the case for 343,000 people.

Last Wednesday, two chartered planes carrying about 50 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, including children, landed on Martha’s Vineyard without warning. The planes were sent by Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Cape needs workers

The migrants, who have since been transported to Joint Base Cape Cod in Bourne, could be a welcome addition to Cape Cod’s workforce given the labor shortage.

“Since I’ve been involved with (chambers of commerce), this is definitely a bad thing,” said Kyle Hinkle, executive director of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce and former head of the Orleans Chamber of Commerce – 20 years combined experience. “We have had labor issues for a number of years, but not at this level. Eventually school kids took over the jobs and people depended on them. But they are no longer there. Colleges decline early. Public schools have activities that require attendance during the summer.

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“Our immigration system is broken”: Why immigration reform has been so elusive over the years

“Some shops have had to close on certain days of the week because they can’t get help,” she added. “Laurino closed on Sunday because they had no one to work with. The hospitality industry has been hit the hardest. Restaurants close several days a week when they used to be open seven days had to help and do things themselves.”

Laurino’s Tavern is a restaurant in Brewster.

Applying for temporary protection status costs $545 for people ages 14 to 65 and includes $85 for “biometric services.” Applying for an employment authorization document would cost an additional $400 and add $85 if you don’t have the biometrics.

Bourne schools ready to welcome children of migrants staying at Joint Base Cape Cod

“They are diverse,” Love said of the situations for the migrants. “Many are in different procedures and not all the same. The big problem is that this whole scheme is a direct interference with federal immigration law. It is difficult for these people to meet federal immigration regulations.”

The migrants may have court dates thousands of miles away.

“People were recruited and told they had resources and when they got off the plane they realized they were being duped,” Love said. “No one was waiting for her. Luckily, the locals who had utter indifference rallied to their cause. You have been abandoned.”

Civil rights attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit against Florida on behalf of three migrants who were shipped to Martha’s Vineyard.

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More on the lawsuits:

“We filed the complaint with three clients using pseudonyms,” Love said. “We spoke to many who were on the flight and filed it as a class action lawsuit. We are in constant contact and have local people. The Florida governor claimed he would send more of these flights. This isn’t the end. This is the beginning of the program.”

“The whole system has exploited vulnerable people”

In addition to temporary protected status, Venezuelan immigrants could apply for deferred forced exit pending USCIIS through July 20, 2022, based on a memorandum by former President Trump issued on his penultimate day in office. That order was not renewed by the Department of Homeland Security after it expired, but immigrants with that status were encouraged by USCIS in a warning to apply for temporary protected status before September 9.

What they said: Venezuelan migrants share their stories before leaving Martha’s Vineyard.

If any of the migrants have temporary protection status under the earlier 2021 order and wish to extend it, they must do so by November 7.

“They’ve been promised a lot of things that don’t work for them,” Love said. “They were in the San Antonia protection system. They wanted to start a new life with new resources and that was clearly not the case. Florida governor says they’ve all been sent to a beautiful place. But they are no longer there. What do you have to show for it? The whole scheme preyed on vulnerable people. They have been tricked and we think it is unconstitutional.”

The Secretary’s order permits eligible beneficiaries to retain this designation, according to the official notice in the Federal Register: -of -Venezuela-for-temporary-protected-status.

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