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By Stacey Hartman

Made in America, GoDaddy’s documentary series that showcases the resilience and determination of exceptional entrepreneurs, is back for Season 4, introducing some exciting entrepreneurs in America’s most charming city – the city of Baltimore.

GoDaddy, Friday 23 September 2022, press release image
Photo: Baltimore, Maryland skyline

Baltimore is a community steeped in history that honors the past while keeping a watchful eye on the future. And with about 7 micro businesses per 100 residents in the city center and metro (compared to 3 per 100 residents), Baltimore has an equally vibrant entrepreneurial community.

“Baltimore is the best American city because we represent the true spirit of this country that you don’t give up, keep fighting, push yourself, push everyone to be better than yourself,” said Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott .

Made in America is being developed in conjunction with our social impact program, Empower by GoDaddy. Our goal is to inspire people with the true stories of entrepreneurs and a conscious focus on the disparity in opportunity and access to resources for underserved communities. We do this as part of our commitment and belief that entrepreneurship should be inclusive. Previous seasons focused on entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Atlanta and Memphis.

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Filming in Baltimore, our team used real-life documentaries, with subjects creating their own stories. Through direct interviews, self-recording tools, and drones, we were able to create an intimate relationship between subject and viewer, offering an unfiltered look into the struggles and triumphs of these small business owners.

“If we’re going to really grow Baltimore’s economy,” Mayor Scott said, “it’s by investing in small businesses that are here to keep those dollars in our community.”

Join us for Made in America Season 4 as we introduce you to two companies shaking things up in Baltimore: WhitePaws RunMitts, a black-owned gear company, and Harp Vision, a family business focused on self-care and wellness .

WhitePaws RunMitts

GoDaddy, Friday 23 September 2022, press release image
Photo: Susan Clayton working on WhitePaws RunMitts

A Baltimore native and avid runner, Susan Clayton started WhitePaws RunMitts in 2015 as a side hustle. She used to run early mornings with a non-profit organization called Back on My Feet, which organizes runs with the homeless in the community. Early morning runs were freezing and Susan could never find the right gloves to keep her hands warm.

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So she started making her own.​

GoDaddy, Friday 23 September 2022, press release image
Photo: Susan Clayton of WhitePaws RunMitts

Last year, Susan’s gloves were found in four REI stores, and this year she’s expanding to 80 REI locations. The series follows her as she navigates liquidity, manufacturing and supply chain issues to turn her passion into a successful business.

harp vision

GoDaddy, Friday 23 September 2022, press release image
Photo: Soap by Harp Vision

April and Tyron Harper are a married couple with two sons, ages 6 and 16, who run Harp Vision, a self-care business that sells natural soap, body scrub, bath tea and soy candles.​

Both April and Tyron suffer from chronic pain conditions, so they aim to build a community of people who prioritize their well-being. Due to COVID, Tyron quit his job as a teacher and chose to prioritize his dreams and make Harp Vision his full-time job. April now works full time, goes to school and runs the business.

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GoDaddy, Friday 23 September 2022, press release image
Photo: April and Tyron Harper

Since launching Harp Vision, they have devoted themselves to talking about their own chronic pain to cheer, inspire and educate others.

The series follows this dynamic duo as they manufacture, label, and sell their products at local farmers’ markets, as they expand their online business, and as they strive for a coveted spot as head seller at the newly renovated and iconic Lexington Market, a historic Baltimore market .

“You are now in a city that welcomes small business that wants to help support you. And there’s nothing more powerful than a group of Baltimoreans committed to a cause,” said Mayor Scott.

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