[LOOK] Chairbox Design Creates Coffin Chairs Perfect for Dead-End Jobs

Tired of your hopeless corporate job? Tired of being stuck in your chair for hours? Well, this coffin chair could be perfect for you!

As reported by Yanko Design, the chair was built by Chairbox Design, a former industrial designer based in London, UK. The designer designed this sign so that “once the employee dies on the job, management just nails the lid shut and rolls it into a company graveyard. Simple but efficient.”

coffin chairs

(Photo: Chairbox Design)

Completely made of wood

The Char’s entire exterior appears to be made out of wood and carved to resemble a traditional coffin, but interestingly the interior looks like it’s made out of wood as well.

However, the chair doesn’t appear to have comfortable padding for the user to sit on, but the wood could provide excellent lumbar support, according to Yanko Design.

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Additionally, it appears to be available in a range of colors, mainly varying shades of brown from light to dark. One is walnut and the other is charcoal.

The origin and history of the coffin chair have also led to much speculation. Netizens said it appears to have been inspired by Rene Magritte’s painting The Balcony (1950). Four coffins are depicted on a balcony, one of which is a coffin chair.

The idea of ​​a coffin chair captures all of the horrible feelings workers experience during their strenuous jobs. No wonder, then, that this chair appealed to many people.

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The risk of sitting eight hours a day

Chairbox Designer said in an interview with Interesting Engineering that the conceptual coffin chair came to light while working on a standing desk project for a client.

He studied sitting and claimed that one study found that sitting for six to eight hours a day makes someone more likely to sit, because people aren’t naturally designed to sit in chairs eight hours a day.

“Some people have mentioned that I used Magritte paintings as a reference, but I hadn’t seen them before. It was just a pure reflection of my condition. The first vision of the chair came to me as I was lying on the floor in my friend’s living room with my legs on the couch. I figured if I died in that pose, maybe they’d have to bury me like that.

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Chairbox Designer researched the coffin construction and the base of the wheeled chair when creating the CAD of the chair. However, this product is not yet available in the market as it has not yet gone through production.

The designer also noted that he sees the chair primarily as an art object.

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