Local pottery business owner discusses the importance of creativity and diverse entrepreneurship

  • Aniya Faulcon

hands of a potter.  Potter making ceramic pot on the potter's wheel.

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hands of a potter. Potter making ceramic pot on the potter’s wheel.

According to a recent survey, women have fueled the post-pandemic small business boom, with the proportion of female entrepreneurs nearly doubling from 2019 to 2021. Robin Wheeler, owner of Wheel of Light Studio, is one of those women.

Wheeler said starting her business during this time had its challenges.

“Determining the best credit procedures to apply for, collating all available information, dealing with supply chain issues; It was interesting. I’ve really picked an interesting time to try and start this business,” Wheeler said.

However, she felt it was important to start her pottery business to spread the importance of creativity and diverse entrepreneurship.

Wheelers’ Studio offers courses for people of all skill levels with art forms such as pottery, painting, macrame, woodworking, firing, silk painting and resin trays. She described her studio as a place to play, where people can make cups, bowls, plates, decorations, wall decorations, lamps, picture frames, wall tiles, Christmas ornaments, plant holders, wind chimes and more.

“I hear so many people say that they don’t have an artistic streak in their body and are still wonderfully creative, but at some point they were made to feel like they weren’t artistic,” Wheeler said. “I also think that creativity is the spark for problem solving, resourcefulness and inventiveness. And if the creative thought processes are not encouraged early on, then you lose a part of yourself. So I think everyone needs to be encouraged to explore their creativity.”


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