Lemonade Day National Names Tallahassee, Florida Third and Fifth Graders Ethan and Edward Chapman as 2022 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Houston–(Commercial wire)–Lemonade Day, a national nonprofit organization committed to preparing young people for life through a unique entrepreneurial and experiential program, has announced its 2022 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year: brothers Ethan and Edward Chapman (3).rd and 5the seventh degree) from Tallahassee, Florida.

“Our young participants have the ability to develop the qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset through the Lemonade Day experience in learning and acting as an entrepreneur,” said Nicole Cassir-Mason, National CEO of Lemonade Day. Ethan and Edward epitomize this growth mindset, and we’re proud to recognize their brave, resilient, and capable spirits.

Through Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), which licenses the Tallahassee Lemonade Day program, they have offered this experiential journey for eight years to empower 1,500+ youth. This year, Tallahassee Lemonade Day featured 377 youth with more than 25 registered businesses.

Ethan and Edward planned and set up the Chapman Brothers Lemonade Stand. They learned to set goals, create a business plan, secure a microloan, create lemonade products and other booth items, and market it to start a successful business. After hard work, they earned $453. They paid their investors with interest and there they made a profit of $248 He spent some money, He saved someAnd shared some From their hard earned money. In their spirit of giving, the Chapman brothers donated a portion of the proceeds to feed homeless members of their community. They volunteered to read to young people at day care centers and put $50 into each of their savings accounts. Ethan and Edward’s entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop with lemonade. published a book, Important people in societyAnd as trained percussionists, they teach other young musicians.

“Unlike most entrepreneurship programs, Lemonade Day introduces the basics of starting a business and gives young people the opportunity to learn the principles of spending, sharing and saving,” said Dr. Kenyatta Rosier, assistant professor at FAMU, who serves as a member of the forum. apply Tallahassee City Manager Lemonade Day. “Plus, kids make money at the end of the day! It lights a spark and for those who don’t walk away with a lot of money, they see it, touch it, feel it and immediately start planning for next year! They start as kids and just have fun and eventually start a business and make money!”

Lemonade Day celebrates National Entrepreneurship Month in November and National Entrepreneurs Day on November 15, 2022.

Download the full version here. Watch Ethan and Edward’s Lemonade Day video commercial here.

About Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day prepares youth (grades K-8) for life through a unique entrepreneurial and experiential program that combines life skills, character development, financial and business literacy, career exploration and mentorship. By starting their own business – a lemonade stand – children gain essential skills to succeed in life and achieve their dreams. Over 15 years, Lemonade Day has impacted 1.5 million young children in 85+ communities across North America. Visit lemonadeday.org.

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