Lawn care: Key jobs to do now – ‘last chance’ to prepare for winter

Swapping out our jackets for our winter coats is definitely a sign that the cold weather is here and it’s time to enjoy all the festivities of the fall months. With the weather getting even colder in October, this is our last chance to get our lawns ready for winter. Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and CEO of TotalLawn, shares the tasks we should be doing this October to protect our lawns.

He said: “Many think our lawn care to-do list will decrease in October, but that’s not true!

“There’s a lot you should do to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter months, including scarifying, aerating, mowing, and giving your lawn a general clean-up.”

Rake away

“Throughout the growing season, thatch has accumulated at the base of your grass plant, which is bad for your lawn because it prevents oxygen, water, and nutrients from getting into the soil,” Carlos said.

“Mild weather conditions are the perfect time to scarify your lawn so your lawn isn’t too hot/dry or cold/damp – so early October is ideal.

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“Whether you’re using a rake or a powered scarifier, pace your lawn and gently pull up moss or thatch – try not to use too much force as a little bit of thatch will help protect your lawn. Discard any debris.

“Now that you’ve removed the top layer, switch directions and apply a little more pressure by pushing your rake into the ground.

“The reason you have to switch directions is so you’re catching any debris that got pushed back into the ground the first time.”

One last tip

Carlos explained: “The ventilation is also a key task that should be completed in October for the last time.

“The soil will have compacted over the summer months due to heavy foot traffic and when that happens oxygen cannot get below the surface to the bacteria and fungi that depend on it to keep your lawn healthy.

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“Aerating your lawn with a powered or manual aerator encourages oxygen to get below the surface, which helps your grass plant stay healthy.

“This work is usually done after scarifying your lawn. Just don’t forget to fertilize and water your lawn well afterwards, as the process has taken a serious toll on your lawn.”

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Change your feed

Carlos explained, “You don’t have to feed your lawn a high nitrogen fertilization like you should have in the summer because you don’t want to encourage too much growth in the winter months or your lawn will become more susceptible to disease.

“Instead, you should use a feed that is high in potassium and high in phosphorus, as these ingredients support overall plant function and support healthy root growth, which is what you need during these winter months!”

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Don’t mow for its own sake

Carlos said: “October is the best time to slow down your lawn mowing routine and reduce the amount you mow.

“Eventually you only need to mow your lawn every five to six weeks during the winter months, so in October it’s important to gradually reduce mowing frequency – play by ear, if your lawn looks a little long, give in.” a cut.

“It’s important to take the initiative this month and not just mow for the sake of it.

“October is the perfect time to wrap up all of the summer lawn work and get your lawn ready for the cold winter months ahead. Remember not to leave anything on your lawn, including furniture or garden tools, and don’t sweep up leaves or branches.

“If you’re not keeping your lawn as tidy as possible, it’s bound to cause you even more problems in the spring.”