KLAY, CHZ, XEC, ICP and RVN Fall as Fear Reigns Over Crypto Market

BeInCrypto takes a look at the five digital assets in the crypto market that fell the most last week, October 7th-14th to be precise.
These are the worst performing cryptocurrencies in the crypto market over the past week:

  1. Klaytn (KLAY) price is down -19.48%
  2. Chiliz (CHZ) price is down -14.51%
  3. eCash (XEC) price is down -13.68%
  4. The price of Internet Computers (ICP) fell by -13.53%
  5. Ravencoin (RVN) price is down -12.22%

Klaytn KLAY price keeps falling

KLAY price has been falling since hitting a high of $0.335 on July 29th. Initially, Klaytn price rallied above the $0.225 horizontal support area which acted as the all-time low support. Nonetheless, KLAY price broke out of the range on September 14 and has since accelerated down with the rest of the crypto market. So far, KLAY price has hit a new all-time low of $0.142 on October 13th. The closest area of ​​support is $0.135, created by the 1.61 external Fib retracement of the recent move higher.

KLAY Fib level
Klaytn KLAY price chart. Source: Trade View

Chiliz CHZ price might rally ahead of lower lows

CHZ price started a five wave upward move on June 18th. The move led to a new high of $0.282 on September 23. Given the severity of the ensuing drop, which was also seen in the crypto market, it is likely that this was the peak of the move. The ensuing drop in Chiliz price followed a descending resistance line and led to a low of $0.160 on Oct 13. The low was hit very close to the 0.618 Fib retracement support level (white) at $0.158. CHZ price created a long lower wick which is seen as a sign of buying pressure. If CHZ price breaks above the descending resistance line, it would confirm that the first part of the correction is complete and the B-wave (black) has started.

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CHZ wave number
Chiliz CHZ price chart. Source: TradingView

eCash XEC price seems ready to be retraced

XEC has been trading inside a symmetrical triangle since hitting a low of $0.000025 on May 12 (green symbol). While symmetrical triangles are considered a neutral pattern, they often offer a continuation. Therefore, as the triangle develops after a downward move in eCash price, an eventual collapse is expected. On October 12th, XEC price finally managed to close below the channel support line, thereby confirming the breakdown. Therefore, a downside move in XEC price is expected towards the low of $0.000025.

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eCash XEC Price Chart Crypto Market
eCash XEC price chart. Source: TradingView

Internet Computer ICP Price Means Trouble

ICP price has dipped below a descending resistance line since hitting a high of $9.80 on July 31st. The downward movement in internet computer price so far has resulted in a low of $4.67 on October 13th. Despite this sharp decline, the crypto market has yet to see the ICP price drop below its all-time low of $4.60. However, unless the ICP price fails to break out of the resistance line, the continuation of the downside seems likely. In this case, the closest support levels would be $3.21 and $1.45. Since they would both represent new all-time lows, they are found using an external Fib retracement on the recent upmove.

ICP price chart for internet computers
ICP price chart for internet computers. Source: TradingView

Ravencoin RVN price is consolidating

RVN price has been falling since hitting a high of $0.075 (red icon) on Sept. 14, like the rest of the crypto market. The high was reached at the resistance line of a long-term descending parallel channel. So far, it has led to a low of $0.028 on Oct. 13. The downward movement led Ravencoin price to drop into the horizontal range of $0.048 – $0.028. Whether RVN price breaks above the range high of $0.040 or falls below the range low of $0.028 will determine whether to expect another breakout attempt or a drop towards the channel support line.

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Ravencoin RVN Price Chart Crypto Market
Ravencoin RVN price chart. Source: TradingView

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