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Nairobi and Mombasa are Kenya’s most economically dynamic cities. The economic strength of the cities is partly supported by higher consumer spending compared to the country’s other major cities.

In addition, Nairobi holds the highest potential for future economic growth. However, challenges for the country’s cities will remain – rising global inflation in the short term and strains on the cities’ infrastructure in the longer term due to large and growing populations.

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Main topics covered:




  • Nairobi has the highest population in Kenya

  • Nakuru falls behind other major cities with comparatively low internet access


  • Nakuru sees the best prospects for disposable income growth

  • Nairobi boasts the highest consumer spending in Kenya


  • Nairobi is projected to remain the largest contributor to the Kenyan economy through 2026

  • Impacts of climate change in Mombasa are intensifying


  • City Scorecard by Pillar 2021


  • City Scorecard in Population Column 2021

  • Population in 2021 and Population Growth 2021-2026

  • Population by Age by City 2021

  • Average household size by city 2021

  • Population density and net migration 2021


  • City scorecard in the 2021 consumer spending pillar

  • Total consumption expenditure in Kenya by city 2021

  • Consumer spending per capita 2021 and Consumer spending growth 2021-2026

  • City affordability, consumer spending on housing and transportation 2021

  • Discretionary vs. Necessary Consumer Spending 2021


  • City Scorecard in the Digital Consumer Pillar 2021

  • Percentage of households with internet and broadband internet access in 2021

  • Digital device ownership by city 2021


  • City Scorecard in the wealth pillar 2021

  • Disposable income per capita 2021 and growth of disposable income period 2021-2026

  • Number of households by disposable income band 2021

  • Number of Households with Disposable Income Above $150,000 in 2021 and Growth Period 2021-2026

  • Household possession of kitchen utensils by city 2021

  • Household ownership of consumer electronics by city 2021

  • Household possessions of other durable goods by city 2021

  • City Scorecard in Economy Pillar 2021

  • GDP per capita in 2021 and real GDP growth by city 2021-2026


  • City scorecard in the 2021 working column

  • Labor force population in 2021 and growth of the labor force by city 2016-2021

  • Activity rate and unemployment by city 2021

  • Labor productivity value 2021 and productivity growth by city 2016-2021

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