Journeys Revealed Ministries publishes new book


BOTKINS — Botkins-based Catholic non-profit publisher Journeys Reveled Ministries announced the September 27 release of its latest book, sharing with readers the story of her journey of faith during her daughter’s life journey.

In her words, “Part One of this book follows our story through the difficult pregnancy and Mayah’s six-month stay in the NICU following her miraculous birth. It was the darkest year of my life, full of doubts and full of fear. As I leaned on the Lord in my desperation, the seeds of hope began to sprout, and we rejoiced in the news of her release—Mayah’s journey home. Part two shows us in our new role as caregivers of our tracheo and ventilation dependent daughter. The uncertainty and fear were still very present, but hope continued to grow as we embraced our new lives. My faith was tied to a promise in my heart of Mayah’s healing. This belief would turn into an obsessive quest to make the hopeful healing a reality. The false basis of my faith was repeatedly revealed as I continued to question God’s love. Despite the many detours I took on my faith journey, the Lord remained faithful and patiently laid the foundations for me to hear His call—the Lord would call me home—to the Catholic Church. This is our story: ‘Close to God: Our Journey Home’.”

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In the pages of that book, Schwieterman writes… “This whole excruciating experience was a journey of redemption, one that brought me to my knees. It blew my mind… Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even honestly say that if I had to do it all over again… ‘How could anything good come out of this?’ I had said those words several times. Amazingly, I was now able to proclaim God’s goodness and testify that He was working our situation for good. He didn’t want to change our situation, He wanted to change our hearts and minds. It was a beautiful lesson in love. Oh, if only I could have kept the lesson.

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Instead, I would have to relearn it many times.”

Readers can meet the author at her next book signing to be held Thursday, October 13 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at The Historical Houston House at 264 W. Fifth St. in historic Uptown Marysville. Both of Schwieterman’s books, Close to God: Our Journey Home and Finding Foundation: My Journey to Catholicism+, will be available for purchase at the event. These books and all JRM publications can also be purchased online at

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