Join the Jobs Boom: Northwestern Ontario is the next mining powerhouse

Posted October 3, 2022 at 7:30 am EDT

As a regional exploration hub, mining in Thunder Bay is big business.

Approximately 850 Thunder Bay residents work in mines, and 400 mine service and utility companies in Thunder Bay support the mining industry. In recent years, new discoveries and a strong metals market have increased interest in exploration and mining in Northwest Ontario. Similar in size to France, Northwest Ontario is a vast mineral-rich country with gold production from five mines, and soon to be six. The Lac des Iles mine north of Thunder Bay is the only pure palladium mine in Canada. In addition, 15 major exploration projects are the future producing mines in Northwestern Ontario!

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Discover the benefits of moving to Thunder Bay!

As of 2016, there were 1,770 jobs in Thunder Bay classified as being a direct part of the mining industry. However, many other jobs indirectly make up the mining workforce as they support and service the industry. This includes manufacturing, transport, storage and supply work. Thunder Bay is home to a highly skilled and diversified skilled workforce. Industry experts estimate that there are approximately 6,000 artisans working in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors in Northwestern Ontario. In 2016, 8.9% of the Thunder Bay workforce had some type of education, trade certificate or diploma. This is higher than the 6% average for the entire province of Ontario.

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Consisting of the metals cobalt, copper, nickel, uranium, lithium, magnesium, platinum group metals, rare earth elements and others, critical minerals are critical in aerospace, telecommunications, computing and a number of clean technology industries.

Canada is among the top five exporters of various critical minerals, including platinum group metals, nickel, cobalt and graphite.

Northwest Ontario currently has eight advanced exploration sites for critical minerals, including lithium, graphite, copper and platinum group (palladium) metals, which offer the province the opportunity to become a premier critical mineral production jurisdiction.

Critical minerals such as lithium and graphite also require processing of the mined raw material to produce a usable product, giving Northwest Ontario an opportunity to become a leader in chemical processing and conversion of critical minerals to produce clean technology products such as electric vehicle batteries provide vehicles and large-scale energy storage for electrical grids.

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Discover the benefits of moving to Thunder Bay!

Mining is one of the highest paying industries in Canada. Mining workers earn more than their utility, forestry, manufacturing, and construction counterparts. Job security is also an attractive feature of jobs in the mining sector. The jobs listed on this page come directly from the mine’s careers site. To apply or find more information about a job, you must visit the mine’s website directly. Thunder Bay CEDC is not accepting applications for the positions listed below.

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