Johnny Morrissey: Kinahan family ‘over’ as police probe money launderer’s ‘black books’

D-list public figures, chefs and private club owners are expected to be implicated in the largest drug money financial investigation ever undertaken in Europe – the mysteries of which will be unraveled from Morrissey’s ‘black books’.

A number of Costa Del Sol based charities are now suspected of being part of the Kinahan money laundering machine, along with a number of nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

D-list public figures, chefs and private club owners are expected to be implicated in the largest drug money financial investigation ever undertaken in Europe – the mysteries of which will be unraveled from Morrissey’s ‘black books’.

Many codenames used in the ledgers have already been deciphered, while others are being checked against information gathered during the Encrochat phone hack.

Books with extensive reports by Morrissey are currently being examined in Madrid in an investigation being carried out by Europol and in cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DRUG DETECTION).

The ledgers are believed to contain details of financial transactions between underworld figures and seemingly legitimate corporations and individuals, and are described as the “beating heart” of the mob’s vast transglobal empire.

A number of charities are now suspected of having been funded with their drug money as the cartel tried to ingratiate themselves with Marbella society and high-level officials and institutions, who then fell victim to corruption.

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The Costa Del Sol was key to Kinahan’s vast fortune, although the family is now based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). That’s where the mob first established itself around the year 2000 and that’s where they laundered most of their funds.

The black books are expected to unravel deals between the Kinahan organization and a network of seemingly legitimate business owners, money laundering methods and cash flow routes.

The money network was hidden under the guise of accounts for Nero Vodka, the fake company set up to launder Kinahan funds. Run by Nicola Morrissey, the Scottish wife of bald gangster Johnny, the company had hosted events, sponsored charities and even become the darling of the Marbella-based Euro Weekly News, an English-language newspaper on the Costa.

Owner Michel Euesden, who hails from Rochdale in the UK, said she had no idea of ​​Morrissey’s criminal background or the couple’s involvement in the Kinahan organization when she started her Nero Vodka company at the Puento Romano Hotel, and has gushed to numerous of their business skills contributions.

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She once described Nicola Morrissey as: “Perceptive and sharp-eyed – she always goes out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of. She really is absolutely fabulous. She has manifested, visualized, diligently sought her tools to succeed, no obstacle was ever too great for her to achieve her dream, and she made sacrifices as only a winner can… Ladies.. . She is our hope for the future.”

Daniel and Christopher Kinahan Jnr left Marbella in February 2016 shortly after filming at the Regency Hotel and moved to Dubai where their father Christopher Snr was already based. They left their business interests in Spain to Morrissey – a trusted enforcer – and former gunman Kevin Lynch as their main agent on the ground.

As money flowed around the world, the organization’s financial headquarters remained in the Spanish Costa, where it was founded and built over two decades.

Sources say that while much of the money has been laundered through traditional food companies, import and export companies, real estate and cryptocurrencies, Nero Vodka has become the central accounting system for the mob and his books hold the keys to the empire.

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The vodka brand was first mentioned by Morrissey in 2018 when he announced on social media that it was in development and design. With offices in Scotland, it was officially launched by Eusden in December 2020.

Accounts related to Nero and his activities will be investigated for evidence of corrupt payments to the police or business organizations. Those who owe money to the mob will likely be the only winners, as no other record of their debts is believed to exist.

“The family is finished. This is the last straw for Christy Snr and sons Daniel and Christopher Jnr. It is now inevitable that those around them will try to save their own skins and many will keep an eye on the business they left behind. It’s only a matter of time before they are replaced and everything they have built up over so long is gone,” a source said.

Police suspect the Kinahan organization laundered hundreds of millions of euros through a vast network of Costa del Sol businesses.

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