Jobs will be harder to find at Walmart this holiday season. Here’s why, and here’s how you can get one.

Walmart is again hiring thousands of new employees this holiday season, but a change in its overall recruiting strategy promises a more competitive environment for prospective employees. This year, the company has significantly lowered its target for holiday hiring – to just over a quarter of the workforce it plans to hire in previous years.

The Arkansas-based retail giant on Wednesday announced its plans to hire 40,000 new employees for the 2022 holiday season. That number is a dramatic reduction from Walmart’s hiring targets of 150,000 new workers for 2020 and 2021. Last year, the retail giant announced it would hire 20,000 new employees just to work in supply chain positions such as: B. Order fillers, freight handlers and elevator drivers.

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The reduced hiring targets point to Walmart’s intensive onboarding over the past few years, as the company hired thousands of new employees amid the pandemic. Insiders say the number of hires required has fallen this year because the company’s staffing position has been so strengthened by last year’s hiring wave.

Additionally, during Walmart’s May earnings call, CEO Doug McMillon called for “weeks of overstaffing” to hurt the company’s bottom line. Given Walmart’s importance in the retail world, the lower hiring numbers could be a sign that other companies are following suit in the 2022 holiday.

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Seasonal and full-time jobs

For those interested, this means that fewer new vacancies will be available this year. The 40,000 roles will be a mix of seasonal and full-time gigs. Current workers get their first try at opting for extra hours to help with the holiday bustle.

In a blog post, Maren Waggoner, Walmart’s senior vice president of field people, wrote, “Whether an employee starts working at Walmart during the holidays or a different time of year, they can rest assured that opportunities and benefits are everywhere. ”

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The post specifically mentioned roles such as temporary “seasonal workers” who help with in-store tasks and pickup, permanent truck drivers, and new account managers who handle calls.

In its announcements, Walmart directed potential workers to its job portal, which lists roles by type and location. For potential employees who want to stand out from the crowd, a customer-centric attitude is one thing that can improve an applicant’s chances.

“We’re looking for employees who are passionate about serving customers and helping our customers create special moments this holiday season,” Walmart spokeswoman Anne Hatfield told Insider.

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