Jersey Renews Response on the Release of the Council on the Green Economy Green Jobs Report

For Immediate Release
September 21, 2022

Jersey renews its response to the release of the Council on the Green Economy’s Green Jobs report

TRENTON – This morning at a Climate Week event, NYC Gov. Murphy announced the release of the Council on the Green Economy Report, Green Jobs for a Sustainable Future and the 12-Month Action Plan. At the same time, the governor also signed an executive order today to increase the target of 7.5 MW for offshore wind to 11 MW by 2040.

In February 2021, Governor Phil Murphy established the Council on the Green Economy and commissioned it to produce a report with recommendations on how New Jersey should transition to a green economy. According to the report, New Jersey can expect to support an additional 314,888 net work years over the next 10 years based on current green policies and investments implemented across New Jersey to date. The report lays out the steps New Jersey needs to take to create an inclusive, vibrant green economy that creates business opportunities, strengthens communities and creates high-paying jobs.

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The transition to a green, clean energy economy offers tremendous opportunity for economic growth in our state, but it must be done in a way that respects workers and engages underserved communities and populations, many of which have historically been prevented from engaging in the most dynamic areas our economy. Today’s report sets out our state’s roadmap to achieve that goal, focusing on nine key areas:

Create quality green jobs
Prioritize local and targeted job creation
Focus on all energy workers
Target gaps in personnel development
Address the needs of an underserved workforce
Partnership with Unions on Training
promote innovation
Expand manufacturing and supply chain
Alignment with the educational ecosystem

“Jersey Renews welcomes the release of today’s report and thanks the administration and the many public members of the Council on the Green Economy who have worked diligently to create a roadmap for our state to grow the green economy with a focus on New Jersey workers and communities,” said Drew Tompkins, campaign director for the Jersey Renews Coalition. “The policies outlined in the report will expand economic opportunity for historically marginalized communities, fight climate change and create thousands of high-paying jobs, including many unionized jobs across our state.”

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“The roadmap offers policy solutions that help create a green economy that produces good green jobs that are accessible to all New Jerseyers,” said Debra Coyle, executive director of the New Jersey Work Environment Council and a member of the Council of the Green Economy . “The transition to the green economy will create thousands of high-paying, family-sustaining jobs for New Jersey workers and presents an unprecedented opportunity to expand our current workforce, ensuring fossil-fuel workers are not left behind.”

“Human resources development and green job training, especially for communities of color and low-income communities, are essential to the moral legitimacy of the green economy in New Jersey,” said Reverend Ronald Tuff, organizer of Green Faith in New Jersey. “We welcome the Council’s initial recommendations in this regard and hope they will be supported with the significant and sustained funding they need and deserve.”

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“Offshore wind power is the best way to meet New Jersey’s clean renewable energy mandate, and Gov. Murphy’s executive order cements the fact that offshore wind power will continue to grow over the next decade. The growth of the clean energy economy can be a boon to New Jersey’s clean energy future and recognition of the Council’s work in shaping that future. Transitioning from a fossil-fuel economy will be a transition, but we can create a more sustainable future that protects the public health of all workers and families, expands clean, renewable energy, and protects our environment,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey. “The report’s roadmap recommendations should be a blueprint for a clean energy economy on how we can meet Governor Murphy’s commitment to reducing pollution from global warming by 50% this decade.”


Jersey Renews is a broad coalition of labour, faith, community and environmental organizations committed to government action on climate change and good, family-friendly jobs in the transition to a green economy.

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