JCI Nigeria partners firm to empower female entrepreneurs

An international youth non-profit organization, Junior Chamber International Nigeria, in collaboration with CreditPRO hosted emerging female entrepreneurs looking to find strategic and practical ways to improve their approach to their business as well as network with others. entrepreneurs

The Executive Director of CreditPro, who was represented by the company secretary, Judith Salami-Eyo, praised the project.

Speech in the first session of the women’s entrepreneurship day program with the topic; “Defining the Future: Women in Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Businesses and Strong Institutions,” said Olwale Bakare, National President of JCI Nigeria, which aims to celebrate, motivate and support “women in business and entrepreneurship”.

This project is on the occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, which is celebrated globally every year on November 19. In partnership with CreditPro Business Support Services, we are very optimistic that this program will undoubtedly intellectually influence, empower and support ‘Women in Business and Entrepreneurship’ through our collection of experienced successful entrepreneurs.

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CreditPro, the lead partner of the initiative empowered three women business owners with N1.5 million while advising them to “spend more time working on their business as opposed to working on your business. Many entrepreneurs only work at their businesses. That means they handle the day-to-day operations, marketing and finance. To grow your business, you need to work on the business. You need to improve processes. Get investment. Review strategies and more. “Only entrepreneurs who dedicate time to work on their business grow their business.”

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With 113 business proposals and nine contests, three winners emerged. Imam Aishat of Tripple A Spices, Oghenetejiri Ogodo of La Tejcreations and Joy Olusile of 9japhonographer all emerged winners and went home with N500,000 each.

“The reality today is that the barriers to entry for female entrepreneurs are incredibly high,” said the JCI President, speaking at the inaugural edition. From traditional views on the role of women, access to networks in corporate leadership and management, to limited knowledge and training in business and, perhaps most importantly, IT skills. Low budget and limited access to capital for women-owned businesses. It is reported that women, regardless of sector, have access to only one-third of the initial capital of men.

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“Through Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, our aspiration is to help more women start and run sustainable businesses, while empowering women entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to enable them to build and grow global businesses. . To achieve this goal, we found an incredible partner in CreditPRO, with whom we share a common goal of supporting small businesses and always rebuilding the economy in advancing the JCI RISE initiative.


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