Interview with Keeping The Books CEO

Jennifer Sims is the CEO and Founder of Keeping the Books Canada. She has over a decade of experience in the accounting industry. She is a CB (Certified Bookkeeper) with CPB Canada. An entrepreneur for most of her adult life, Jennifer has always known that she should work and play by her own rules. A lifelong student with a strong appreciation for continuing education, Jennifer is currently working toward her CFE (Canadian Franchise Executive) designation with the Canadian Franchise Association.

. What is the story behind Keeping the Books Canada?

Jennifer Sims: Keeping the Books officially opened in 2015 and was incorporated in 2017. In 2022 we then started our franchise opportunities. We were delayed due to Covid as the process originally started in 2020 when we had to re-evaluate our structure.

. What made you decide to start this franchise?

Jennifer Sims: We have experienced tremendous growth over the years. We have identified a serious gap in our small business services industry. Both for the clients we serve and knowledgeable, experienced business owners to help run them. We have a passion for helping to create and support entrepreneurs on both sides. We love to keep up with new innovative technologies and combine them with internal efficient systems for our benefit and our customers. Our ultimate goal is to create successful, prosperous and happy business owners within our franchise family.

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. What was your background before founding the company?

Jennifer Sims: My first independent business was a home cleaning company based in Burlington, Ontario. I decided to go back to school where I found my true passion in accounting. I worked for an accounting firm to complete my appointment and founded Keeping the Books as a sole proprietorship in 2015.

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. Can you tell us something about the accounting market?

Jennifer Sims: During Covid we have really seen how strong our market is and how much it is needed as a support in the small business community. Now more than ever, our clients need to know their numbers, understand them and have a trusted advisor to help them make business decisions from time to time. This market has proven to be recession-proof and profitable. We have continued to grow during the pandemic.

. Can you describe your corporate culture?

Jennifer Sims: Our company culture focuses on integrity, communication, innovation and passion. That was our recipe for success right from the start. Integrity in the work for our customers and as a top personal value. Communication, both internal and external, is key to ensure we are always on the same page. Also, if we can improve further and where. Innovation is another top aspect. We’re always looking for the next best technology and implementation to make our lives and those of our customers easier and better. Passion is our top priority. We genuinely care and have empathy for our customers and our wonderful staff.

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. What are the benefits of being a Keeping the Books franchisee?

Jennifer Sims: Becoming a Keeping the Books business owner comes with many benefits. Our main reasons would be working from anywhere, high profit margins and low overhead. Real job satisfaction, flexibility and freedom. Work-life balance is one of our highest goals at all our locations. Our franchisees cannot serve customers optimally if they don’t take care of themselves. For more information on how you can get involved with our brand, visit

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