International conclave to focus on entrepreneurship in space industry

Chennai, 15 Oct A three-day international space conclave titled “Space Technology: The Next Frontier in Business” will focus on entrepreneurship and networking in the space industry.

Organized by the US Consulate General in Chennai and hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (IIT-Madras) and the Indian Space Association (ISpA), the space conference will explore ways to optimize business opportunities and collaboration across India. Pacific region and beyond.

The three-day conclave on October 15-17 has 80 participants from several Indo-Pacific nations including India, the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, the UK, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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In the opening session of the conclave, Drew Schufletowski, Minister for Economic, Environmental, Scientific and Technology Affairs at the US Embassy in New Delhi, said: “The greatest potential for growth in our space relationship, and that of other Indo-Pacific partners, involves the private sector. India’s space sector is undergoing transformation, with private companies taking a more influential role in both the development and production of launch vehicles, satellites, ground stations and other elements that are at the heart of space exploration and applications.”

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Shufletovsky added: “Indian companies are now building their own satellite constellations for Earth observation and are designing small launch vehicles to put them into low Earth orbit. This is where space companies in the United States and throughout the Indo-Pacific can enhance this commercial sector’s momentum through partnerships in trade, investment and technology collaboration.”

The three-day conclave will discuss the core issues of space policy, scientific research and development, and space entrepreneurship. The conclave aims to create the Association of Space Entrepreneurs in the Indo-Pacific (ASEIP), a networking and lobbying platform focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the space sector.

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Stakeholders will recommend a future roadmap to foster international cooperation in the aerospace industry and space science.

Satya Chakravarthy, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Director of the National Center for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD) at IIT-Madras, gave the opening speech.

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