Interior Health looks to fill over 1,800 job postings with virtual career fair Oct.3 | Radio NL

Interior Health wants to fill more than 1,800 vacancies with the virtual career fair on October 3rd

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Interior Health is hosting its fall virtual job fair on October 3 to help recruit healthcare professionals in the area.

With over 1,800 job openings posted on the regional health authority’s website, Interior Health’s recruiting team procurement coordinator, Kailee Thorne, says there are still a few positions to fill.

“The number of openings varies by community and profession, but we have many openings and many opportunities for people, from odd jobs to full-time permanent positions, and across all communities within Interior Health,” Thorne said.

In 2020, Thorne says they had to move the in-person event online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but explains that their proven success in attracting healthcare professionals from further afield has made them decide to go virtual again this year to keep.

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“Especially when it comes to home office employees and when we try to recruit from different federal states, it’s great that we can talk to anyone from anywhere and cover a wide range of professions.”

She adds that the online digital fair allows for a real-time, one-on-one session between the applicant and the recruiter.

“It expands the pool of candidates as we seek to attract the best talent for the organization and the healthcare industry,” Thorne said.

Those interested in attending can book online to meet with a recruiter from any discipline, including nursing, laboratory, administrative and leadership roles, as well as healthcare career access programs, Thorne explains.

“For example, it could be someone who is in school to become a health assistant or someone who is interested in joining from another state and is already a qualified health assistant.”

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She adds that there will be a few questions in the applicant profile when they register for the event, which she believes will determine the available sessions based on their qualifications.

“They’ll see the status that matches their qualifications and area of ​​interest, and then they can read up a little bit about that profession and get some information about it.”

Information includes what Interior Health expects, what the careers are about, and what qualifications are required for the job.

“Then they can set up a one-on-one interview with a recruiter,” Thorne added.

Beginning October 3rd between 9am and 4pm, those who have registered will be able to schedule a Zoom session with the recruiter to discuss potential job opportunities.

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“Recruiters will then forward any applications that meet the qualifications to hiring managers, and in some cases hiring managers will also be on-call to bring that lens in and be more likely to have an initial interview.”

Anyone interested in participating can register online at

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