Inflation Concerns Accelerate New Tools for Edward Jones Branch Teams

Company offers securities-based lending

ST. LOUIS, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Financial services firm Edward Jones announced today that it is empowering its nearly 19,000 financial advisors with interactive tools and security-based lending options to help clients navigate complex financial needs and changing market conditions.

Edward Jones.  (PRNewsPhoto/Edward Jones) (PRNewsPhoto/Edward Jones)

Edward Jones. (PRNewsPhoto/Edward Jones) (PRNewsPhoto/Edward Jones)

These new resources will help Edward Jones deepen relationships with clients and individual investors who need and value an in-depth and personalized experience – the cornerstone of the firm’s unique approach to wealth strategies.

In the company’s latest study, which included think tank Age Wave and 9,000 five-generation Americans, nearly 90% of US adults said they were very concerned about inflation. Closely followed by global conflicts like the war in Ukraine and related economic disruptions. COVID-19, which topped this list last year, is much less of a concern, yet nearly two-thirds of respondents said it was still a concern.

Help Edward Jones’ 8 million customers manage cash flow, compare asset allocation and solve inflation concerns. The company’s nearly 19,000 financial advisors will have access to additional interactive tools. These tools are part of the company accelerating its journey and quest to provide total human-centric wealth management to its current and future clients.

One of the offerings that will be rolled out over time will be Envestnet | include MoneyGuide’s MyBlocks on inflation and credit cards, as well as other tools to help meet customers’ immediate spending and credit goals, as well as their longer-term savings and investment needs. Customers also have access to the very latest Edward Jones’ Advice and guidance on these and other personal finance issues.

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“Through innovative and integrated advice, products and services – and by leveraging a deep understanding of the needs of clients and branch teams – we will empower branch teams to create unparalleled value for our customers and communities. These offerings and experiences, from discovery to planning and implementation, are supported by Edward Jones thought leadership and expert services,” he said Lena HassHead of Wealth Management Advice and Solutions at Edward Jones.

As the Longevity and the New Retirement research with Age Wave has shown, a giant “retirement reset” is also occurring. A whopping 66 million Americans are reconsidering when to retire. Almost 70% of those considering postponing their retirement date anticipate retiring later than planned – and by no means inconsiderably. For early retirees aged 50 and over, the average length of time people think about postponing retirement is six years.

Why is this change happening? The main reason is once again inflation. It is leading to a significant drop in people’s confidence in their retirement plans. Since the publication of the company’s first study with Age Wave in January 2020, people’s confidence at the time peaked last year as research showed signs the country was emerging from the pandemic. However, as inflation has become a growing financial concern, investor confidence has plummeted.

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As the business evolves, Edward Jones strives to enhance the customer experience today through broader offerings such as Edward Jones Reserve Line of Credit*. This solution will be available to small, targeted groups beginning in 2022. Further expansion into 2023 will improve the Company’s ability to meet customers’ needs by offering a borrowing option in its Advisory Solutions, UMA and Guided Solutions Fund accounts .

“Banking and wealth management are converging across our industry. Seventy percent of it Edward Jones’ Clients value holistic advice that covers a wide spectrum from investing and wealth protection to understanding cash flow and spending and borrowing solutions,” said jeff kitchen, a local financial advisor to Edward Jones and general partner who helped launch the pilot program and is ranked among the top 25 financial advisors at the firm. “Discovering what matters most to clients, setting goals and creating personalized strategies encapsulates their credit needs. Comprehensive offerings such as reserve line of credit will help enable our branch teams to more consistently provide targeted advice.”

These strategies are an integral part of today’s delivery of customer experiences through goal-oriented consulting, which is a step towards and a very important element of Edward Jones in advancing his purpose of making a greater impact through the delivery of personalized experiences, guidance and engineered tools Helping more people achieve what matters most to them financially.

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“As Edward Jones deepens client relationships and broadens our offering, we anticipate greater satisfaction from our clients and branch teams, consolidation of assets and a more comprehensive view of a client’s overall financial picture – helping them to financially achieve what matters most to them and theirs families,” Haas said.

*Edward Jones Reserve Line of Credit offered by Edward Jones SBL, LLC, a subsidiary of Edward D Jones & Co., LP

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