I Interviewed Gary Vee on My Podcast. Here’s What I Learned | by Paul Dermody | Sep, 2022

Three powerful lessons anyone can use.

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I recorded a podcast with Gary Vee here.

No one influenced me more in business then than he did.

I’ve since become an established personal trainer and podcaster, and recently dipped my toes into the world of writing.

A bit about me

Seven years ago I started training people for free during my break from work.

I never thought it would become my full-time career.

More recently I’ve made $30 online writing and it makes me super happy.

How many people can say they are a paid personal trainer, podcaster, and author?

Hindsight has taught me how nothing can become something with enough dedication and conviction.

My personal training business is my main source of income, so everything else I do falls into the category of fun.

A precious half hour

I flew to New York in February 2018 to interview Gary Vaynerchuk for my podcast.

He had no reason to, especially as I was young and not established.

Compared to him, I still am.

I have little desire for online fame.

But paradoxically, I have to be known enough for people to read my stuff.

Puzzle. Puzzle.

Gary taught me many great lessons about business and since I’ve applied them and seen life changing results I’m going to share them with you too.

1. What the heck is the rush?

Why do you need money so badly?

Need people to think you “made it”?

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Are you bridging the gap in your insecurities?

We all have a terrible relationship with time and strive to reach milestones that we are so sure will complete us in a way that will pass quickly. All that’s left is how we feel inside.

When you climb the ladder, you must appreciate it as much as being at the top.

life is long Much longer than we think.

We all have something to fight for.

What are we willing to fight for?

Here’s the thing about the human ego. It’s never satisfied.

If you are driven by validation from others, it will never be achieved. Much wants more.

Play the long game.

Don’t worry about what other people are up to.

Quit trying to get into the Hall of Fame while you’re still in those rookie years. There is no rush. Stop behaving like this (assuming you’re doing the daily steps).

2. Stop focusing on stupid stuff

99% of the nonsense we think about every day doesn’t matter.

How many people get upset about politics and will never make a difference beyond hostile disagreements?

It’s like they can’t see that they’re wasting their precious time and energy.

Your attention is limited. Limited time.

What are you going to do with it?

Obsessed with those who have wronged you?

Are you brooding over the silly thing you said?

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Beat yourself up for every single mistake you made?

My friends, no one cares.

No one. It’s not practical.

My own shortcomings mean nothing to you, and I use that insight to my advantage. You don’t care about me and I don’t care about you. Hooray.

Stop focusing on stupid stuff and move on.

There are only so many distractions you can allow before you have to question yourself and not the world you were born into.

3. There is no substitute for doing

All of the information—every last bit—means nothing to those who mentally masturbate through accumulation with no intention of applying.

I know why you lack confidence.

Your mother screwed you up.

And hers messed her up.

And now you have two choices.

You continue the pattern or break the cycle.

Unfortunately, most people love to blame others and play the victim, and I sincerely believe that if you don’t do this these days, you have a competitive advantage over most.

Top-notch advice becomes just another collector’s item if you lack the confidence to apply it.

And trust comes after action.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to hover over the publish button with a tight feeling of dread in my chest. It feels like everyone is laughing at you.

But the more you overcome these feelings, the less often they occur and the better your understanding becomes.

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Actions breed trust, not the other way around.

Decide on a date. Act imperfectly. Don’t be afraid to fail.

These are not nice commonplaces, but requirements to leave your comfort zone.


I’ve had hundreds of clients and thousands of hours in the gym.

I’ve lived in three countries and I’ve done the job I love the most.

I’m completely nomadic at this point.

What I do spurs me on.

And yet, making pennies as an online writer is just as rewarding as the “bigger” awards. My ups and downs have taught me that.

Because my motivation goes far beyond income.

That’s why I started what I started in the first place.

Nobody paid me a long time ago.

You must stay on the path long enough to accumulate the wisdom that cannot be taught.

Luckily I was influenced by the right people.

And I keep playing the long game.

You don’t need as much as you think to be happy.

And in this consumer society you don’t need as much cash as you think.

you get a life The moment you understand this, your perspective changes.

If you have any other lessons on entrepreneurship, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you for reading this far, dear friend.

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