Hydrogen Economy – EC20 and Opergy Announce a Merger to Bring Clean Energy Solutions Under The Opergy Group Brand

Hydrogen Economy – EC20 and Opergy announce a merger to offer clean energy solutions under the Opergy Group brand.

Perth-based EC20 and Norwich-based Opergy announce a merger of their established consulting firms to provide clean energy solutions across the country under the Opergy Group brand.

The like-minded consultancies, each with their own strong reputations in the industry and clean energy transition, will combine their decades of industry experience to bring about tangible change in the race to net zero, while creating supply chain opportunities.

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Founded in 2019, Opergy empowers companies with industry insights and solutions to drive innovation and growth in ways that make a positive impact on people, places and the planet. They work with energy supply chains, developers and organizations Real change in the industry.

The move is part of a clear growth strategy within the Opergy Group and reinforces its commitment and clear ambitions in the clean energy space, including the wind, hydrogen and nuclear energy sectors.

EC20 specialize in working with developers to understand who they can work with and introducing them to supply chain companies already operating in the UK. They also support government agencies around the world to support and develop their own supply chain and benefit from the offshore wind sector.

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Isla Robb, current Director of EC20, will become Managing Director of Opergy Scotland – a site where Opergy already has a presence – as well as Director of Opergy Group alongside Johnathan Renyolds (Managing Director), Kim Duffy (Finance Director) and Martin Dronfield (Commercial Director).

Johnathan ReynoldsManaging Director of Opergy Group, said:

As we have learned from activities such as the recent Floating Offshore Wind report we produced for the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, there is tremendous opportunity in clean energy in Scotland.

“The combination of experience that Isla and our senior management team possess is a no-brainer.”

“We are already making great progress in the northernmost parts of the UK. Isla’s reputation will give us a competitive edge and become an unstoppable nationwide force in clean energy,” he added.

Opergy, who are sector-specific advisors to the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult’s F4OR program, are already delivering modules to the Northeast cohort. In addition, her work with the offshore wind industry sector’s Wind Expert Support Toolkit (WEST) program has already resulted in consultations with companies in the country.

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Robb Island said:

By bringing EC20 under the Opergy Group umbrella, we combine two like-minded companies with shared values.

“I look forward to the significant contributions that we will make to the energy transition in a meaningful and concrete way.”

“EC20’s clients will continue to trade with the same registered entity, just under a new name and with the added benefits of being able to access Opergy Group’s wide range of services and expertise.”

Both companies already have the support of customers across the country.

John McDonaldCEO of the global energy expertise body OPITO said:

With the UK Government doubling down on its energy security strategy and projected growth in investment and jobs in recent months, we at OPITO are delighted to see clean growth companies like Opergy and EC20 expanding their reach across the UK in a meaningful way.

“We look forward to working with the Opergy and Opergy Scotland team going forward as we together deliver the critical capabilities for the future and advance the UK’s net zero ambition.”

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Claire MackScottish Renewables CEO said:

We welcome the news that EC20 and the Opergy Group are coming together to champion clean growth in Scotland.

“Renewable energy is already the mainstay of the Scottish energy system and projected growth in the sector means there are many more economic and environmental benefits to come. This merger will position EC20 and Opergy Group to leverage their strong expertise and experience as growth, particularly in offshore wind, begins to accelerate.”


Founded in 2019, Opergy is a consulting firm offering multidisciplinary teams to help companies and organizations get started, expand and become industry leaders.

The Opergy team provides clients with expert insights and solutions to help them make clear decisions that drive innovation, growth and positive impact on people, places and the planet.

Opergy is led by Managing Director Johnathan Reynolds, who has two decades of experience in the renewable energy space, along with a specialist team of industry experts and associates.


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