Hyatt Sets Sights On India’s Booming Wedding Economy

Hyatt has unveiled a new way to tap into India’s booming wedding market as young people take control of their big day.

Hyatt launches its first 'big Indian wedding' campaign

Hyatt launches its first ‘big Indian wedding’ campaign

Weddings are big business everywhere; however, currently, the marriage market is growing rapidly. Fueled by a major cultural shift that has seen engaged couples overseeing the celebrations and becoming key decision-makers, there has been a rise in investment and spending on wedding celebrations in India.

Looking to tap into this growing market, Hyatt India has launched a new wedding campaign to target this emerging customer base #PerfectlyYours.

Amritesh Bakshi, director of brand and field marketing – India and Southwest Asia, Hyatt India, said, “#PerfectlyYours is a personalized offering for Indian couples who want a wedding experience that celebrates their individuality and passion.”

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Hyatt is looking for new customers, who are looking to make it possible and to fulfill their special day, by offering a personalized service with the aim of providing the best solution to the needs of every family.

Hyatt’s first brand campaign targeting India

As part of the new strategy of international hotels, it has released its first campaign targeting India. The commercial, produced by Animal Advertising, is a well-made, dramatic film that has no dialogue but a lot of action.

Sayantan Choudhury, senior partner & chief creative officer at Animal Advertising, said the brief and target audience were clear. “The client wanted to create messages that were more relevant to the modern family.”

This approach marks a big change from previous messages that focused on the big wedding of the Indian family, where the whole family is represented, and the couple is one of the participants, says Choudhury.

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Hyatt wanted to highlight his role as a wedding planner, taking care of all the big and small details and thinking that would make every family’s big day special. The pillars of this popular offering include – F&B technology, the breadth of the space and the flexibility of small events as part of wedding celebrations – all of which find a place in the brand’s brand campaign and will be featured in the films that will be shown in the future.

Campaign film

Standing in the same sea

The wedding party is a crowded place, and India is no exception. Many of the major hotel brands including Taj, Oberoi, ITC, Marriott, Leela and Hyatt are focusing their energy and investment in this high-income segment and it continues to show great business potential.

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However, most of the products in this category have similar features, which Hyatt was keen to avoid.

Choudhury says the strategy was to describe how Hyatt caters to a modern couple on their wedding day. The ad shows this by showing the hotel staff stepping into the ‘shoes’ of the customers. The device “allowed us to immediately abandon the traditional code,” he says.

The idea came to life through cinematography by Bharat Sikka, who dazzled the film with his beauty and mood.


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