Huawei Cloud launches in Indonesia, maintains commitment to services

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Huawei Cloud has announced plans to launch in Indonesia as part of the cloud provider’s commitment to everything-as-a-service.

Revealed as part of Huawei Connect 2022 Jacqueline Shi – President of Global Marketing and Sales Service at Huawei Cloud – outlined her intentions in Bangkok to launch more than 15 innovations worldwide, the cloud native, artificial intelligence (AI) development, data governance, digital content, software development and Macroverse cover Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS).

Notably, some of the innovations Shi introduced include CCE Turbo, Ubiquitous Cloud Native Service (UCS), Pangu Wave Model, DataArts LakeFormation, Virtual Live, CodeCheck and CloudTest, KooMessage, KooSearch, and KooGallery.

Ken Hu – Huawei’s rotating CEO – gave a keynote address on “Unleash Digital”, advising organizations to “leap to the cloud for leapfrog development as digital smart tech is the future”.

According to Huawei Cloud, it has currently integrated more than 240 services and 50,000 APIs to bring the latest AI, application development and big data technologies and development tools to the cloud.

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