How two Zimbabwean entrepreneurs are transforming learning spaces

SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg, – With 8 September declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO, education needs to go beyond the focus on the established curriculum as the digital world becomes more prominent in the education sector.

The theme of this year’s International Literacy Day is celebrated under the motto Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces. Therefore, this is an opportunity to reframe and rethink the meaning of literacy, so that there is quality and inclusive education for all. If we view education as a continuous journey, we can understand that we cannot rely on one way of acquiring education to stay literate.

Taking this opportunity are Zimbabwe-born brothers Tinashe and John Shangwa, who are transforming learning spaces with technology.

Pictured: John and Tinashe Shangwa. Photo: Instagram

The two brothers have developed a multi-educational platform that aims to develop both children’s natural talents and learning abilities.

“UNESCO calls on all education stakeholders to reconsider the role of literacy. We have achieved this by establishing a platform that helps pave the way within the industry by specifically targeting born talent. That alone means rethinking the role of literacy” – Tinashe Shangwa, Chairman of EvoMe.

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John Shangwa is co-founder and CEO of EvoMe and advises several companies in the construction, technology, mining, education and media sectors.

“Some of the diverse learning skills I developed were innate and just needed nurturing. When students graduate, they struggle to find employment. Currently in Zimbabwe over 60% of graduates are unemployed, other countries also have high unemployment rates – so I believe EvoMe is helping to solve this problem by identifying the necessary skills for the industry” – John Shangwa, Co-Founder and CEO by EvoMe.

The world is constantly changing and so should the way education is taught. Learners should learn in a way that is specific to the 4th industrial revolution so that learners do not fall behind. Learners need to be equipped with progressive skills that will take them further into the future. This will also provide them with the necessary competitive skills required in their careers.

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John Shangwa adds that the EvoMe platform provides learners with advanced human and artificial assessments on fundamental skills such as emotional intelligence, creative problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

“It depends on how you look at this platform. However, what I can say is that we go beyond literacy, because to achieve a holistic educational package you also need life skills. With an education channeled into your talent and critical life skills, you will become unstoppable” – John Shangwa

To ensure no one is left behind, transformation and enrichment must be rethought. In this way, International Literacy Day has meaning today more than ever.

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