How to work in tech without coding: Simplest tech jobs

The term “tech” often characterizes companies, systems, fields of study, and more that deal with technological endeavors. So it’s not as cosmic as you probably thought. But while coding is an essential part of the tech ecosystem, how does one work in tech without coding?

You’ve probably seen several people around you transition into the technology industry. And you wonder how they could transition into tech, although some don’t have a solid background in it. Maybe you’ve tried to understand programming languages ​​and haven’t succeeded yet.

Well, some careers in the technology industry offer bountiful income and are easy enough to be learned by people who don’t like coding or coding jargon.

This article shows how to work in tech without coding by giving you five of the easiest tech jobs out there.

  1. UI/UX

The acronym UI stands for “user interface”. On the other hand, UX is an acronym for “user experience”. Both are merging as concepts aimed at helping companies create products that consumers would love to use.

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Although UX and UI roles are different, they work closely together. UX designers work to improve the overall user experience of a product like a website or mobile app by focusing on the details. User interface professionals design the look and feel of software and websites.

You can easily fit into these roles if you are looking for opportunities to work in tech without coding. Free courses are available on platforms like Alisson to introduce you to UI/UX.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Expert

It sounds very demanding from the outside, but it is an exciting job! It’s one of the easiest tech jobs that doesn’t require you to code.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts are marketers who use data and analytics to increase a website’s visibility in the results pages of major search engines like Google. As a result of their diligent research, search engines are better able to index and rank relevant web pages in response to user searches.

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If you like this tech role, you can position yourself to get one by taking free courses on platforms like SEMRUSH.

  1. data architect

This role is one of the best options if you want to know how to work in engineering without coding. An information architect is a mix of design and user interface professionals who don’t need to know how to code. The task of the information architect is to improve the user interface and make the website more functional for the intended audience.

  1. project management

Information technology (IT) project managers are responsible for organizing various IT endeavors. Punctuality and adherence to schedule are of paramount importance to them and they work hard to ensure both are met.

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This position requires leadership and motivational qualities, as well as the ability to assess employees on a daily basis. When you lead an IT project, you need to make sure everyone on the team is on the same page.

You can take project management courses on platforms like PMI.

  1. technical writing

You might be looking for ways to work in tech without coding, but are you interested in decoding things? If you enjoy diving deep into complex topics, are not intimidated by technical jargon, and can write interesting and simple articles, this job is for you.

To start a career as a technical writer, you can take courses on Allison.

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