How to use the viral feature revealed

The TikTok book community, also known as BookTok, is known for its reviews of new releases and has influenced a generation of readers. TikTok users no doubt love to share their latest book, whether they’re reading or writing it.

A new TikTok feature will soon allow users to share their favorite books in their videos. This feature is the result of a collaboration between TikTok and publishing giant Penguin Random House.

TikTok is making a new commitment to the #BookTok community through this partnership following the launch of TikTok Book Club in July.

TikTok’s BookTok community, a section of the app dedicated to discussing literature and sharing book recommendations, is one of the most active and popular communities ever created.

The hashtag #BookTok has received over 77 billion views. Popular retailers like Barnes & Noble and Books A Million have even set up sections in their stores to highlight books that are loved by the community.

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How to use the BookTok feature

As announced in their recent blog post, TikTok has partnered with well-known book publisher Penguin Random House to allow users to connect their favorite books to their videos.

TikTok users in the UK and US can tag their videos with any Penguin Random House book available in their country by clicking Add Link and selecting Book. After the video is published, the book title will be prominently displayed above the description.

When viewers click the link, they are taken to a separate website that contains information about the book, such as: B. a synopsis and links to other videos with the same title. Once users start using the feature, user-generated book recommendations will be collected in one place for easy browsing.

The ability to favorite books, which allows users to save books of interest, is one of the best features of the new version. Previously, you had to save the video mentioning the book and then watch it again. Not anymore, as the app now allows users to create their own “to read” list.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available to residents of the United States and United Kingdom. Users just have to wait a bit longer if they live in another country until TikTok decides to make this option available globally.

This isn’t the only new feature that TikTok has recently rolled out. Additionally, the app is testing new features like a dislike button, denoted by a thumbs-down icon in the comment field.

It’s almost 2am and I can’t sleep after finishing The Things We Leave Unfinished. Ugh so good, booktok recs did not disappoint!

BookTok has reinvigorated the publishing and bookselling industry by allowing a new generation of readers to share recommendations without the help of a media outlet or column because now everyone has the opportunity to sell a book quickly.

The BookTok community is passionate about literature and books and is growing rapidly. Although the genres of these bestsellers vary, many of their authors are experts in young adult fiction, romance, and fantasy.

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