How to Start a Rosati’s Pizza Franchise

With five generations of experience, Rosati’s Pizza knows both the kitchen and the pizza franchising industry. Pizza brings people together, because that’s what branding is all about – the communal bonds that form when we eat together.

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Rosati’s Pizza

When franchisees invest and shop in the Rosati’s Pizza franchise, they are investing in the family, in an opportunity to build something better, and most importantly, they are investing in themselves. Rosati’s knows what it’s like to invest a family’s future in something worthwhile invest, and the brand does not take this investment lightly. Rosati’s built its successful franchise opportunity on two things – common sense and doing the right thing. It’s always a wise investment.

Rosati’s Pizza is a high-margin opportunity with great potential. Franchise owners ensure the work ethic, Rosati’s offers award-winning pizza and world-class resources. Rosati’s core menu has always been about keeping it simple. The quality Chicago-style pizza that Chicago customers love and enjoy is the same as the delicious pizza that the brand offers at all of its locations.

Need more convincing that Rosati’s Pizza is a franchise worth considering? Here are just a few of the brand’s value propositions that every franchisee benefits from.

  • Since 1964, the franchise has grown from a single takeout and delivery pizzeria in Mount Prospect, IL to a national franchise system that now offers a sports pub concept – that’s over 50 years of experience.
  • Rosati’s has a proven system to help franchisees succeed as small business owners, including two to four week on-site operational and marketing training courses.
  • Supplier relationships are established.
  • Funding resources are available.
  • Rosati’s provides ongoing support to all of its franchisees.
  • Rosati’s was classified The magazine for entrepreneurs Franchise 500 list for the past decade and was ranked 163rd overall in 2022. The company is also in the Pizza Hall of Fame.
  • Rosati’s is part of the International Franchise Association (IFA), Small Business Association (SBA), National Restaurant Association (NRA), Pizza Industry Council, Social Council for NRA and VetFran.
  • Rosati’s is offering a 25% discount on the initial franchise fee for Veterans.
  • Rosati branded products are made from family recipes passed down through five generations. Rosati’s stands for quality, with recipes that include nearly 100 proprietary ingredients.
  • Rosati knows loyalty. When a brand starts a business in their kitchen and grows it into a national franchise, it takes drive—just like the employee working their way up from delivery driver to store owner. This is passion. Over 55 years later and still run by members of the original Rosati family – that’s reliability.

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How much does a Rosati’s Pizza franchise cost?

To open a Rosati’s Pizza franchise, here are the financial requirements, cash required, and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial franchise fee: $30,000.

Initial investment: $142,200 to $1,244,000.

Net worth requirement: $250,000.

Cash requirement: $80,000.

Veteran Incentives: 25% discount on franchise fee.

Royalty: 5%.

Ad license fee: $350/month.

Contract term: 20 years.

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Rosati’s Pizza does not offer internal financing, however the brand has relationships with several outside financing sources that offer financing to cover franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, receivables and payroll.

Just like pizza, the ingredients for a successful business partnership must be right. 50 years of experience gave the brand a pretty good idea for this recipe. Rosati’s Pizza is actively seeking highly qualified franchisees. Previous business, sales, management or marketing experience coupled with personal financial qualifications, motivation and track record are important factors in Rosati’s evaluation process. This franchisor is looking for independent and hard-headed people with a passion for food – especially pizza.

Why you should consider partnering with Rosati’s Pizza Franchising

Not sure what type of business opportunity to own and operate? Similar to different pizza toppings, Rosati’s offers franchisees multiple options. Franchisees can operate a dine-in pizza joint and a pickup and delivery location. When franchisees join the Rosati’s Pizza franchise family, they quickly learn that the brand is known for using quality ingredients and providing unparalleled service.

The pizza retail market has grown into a staggering $40 billion industry, accounting for nearly 10% of all foodservice sales in the United States today. Several polls show that 90% of the American population enjoys eating pizza. Why? Because pizza is fresh, practical, inexpensive and simply tastes good.

Statistics show that consumers want fresh ingredients, delicious toppings, flavorful cheeses, rich, healthy sauces, and a crust with great flavor and texture. When today’s consumer wants a delicious home-cooked meal, Rosati’s delivers. Giving people what they want is the main reason there are more than 175 Rosati locations across the country.

Interested in your own franchise location? At Rosati’s Pizza, franchisees are family. Every day, Rosati’s works to ensure his family is taken care of. Request more information about franchising with Rosati’s Pizza by filling out this form and begin the discovery process for your own franchise operation.

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