How to get your small business on the back of a Castle Lager can – and be paid R40,000 too

Castle Lager's Limited Edition 500ml Cans (Provided)

Castle Lager’s Limited Edition 500ml Cans (Provided)

  • Local beer brand Castle Lager has a plan to give small county businesses marketing tools and funding.
  • The “Keep It Within” campaign will feature 16 businesses in its limited edition 500ml cans every three months until the end of 2023.
  • At the end of each quarter, one of the 16 selected businesses will receive 40,000 Rials in business funding.
  • Here are the criteria businesses must meet to have a chance to participate.
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Beer brand Castle Lager has launched a campaign called ‘Keep It Within’ which aims to provide small businesses with funding, marketing support and business development tools.

This campaign will invest 34.5 million Rials in more than 50 Kasi businesses from now until the end of 2023.

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Castle Lager brand manager Wendy Bedforth said: “As a brand, we know that our towns and Kasis have completely transformed – it’s a place where good things happen, it’s a great place, where people can shop in their local neighbourhoods. They choose work.”

“44% of South Africans say they spend more in Kasi and 75% say they buy local brands over international fashion brands. Castle wants to give hope to South Africa by supporting these local businesses Because we know that when we focus.) By building on the good, the good gets even better.”

The campaign spotlights 16 Cassie businesses by putting their faces on 500ml cans of Castle Lager.

Since the beginning of November, this beer brand has released its first batch of cans. It will continue to release 16 new categories every quarter until the end of 2023, introducing other small businesses.

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Businesses that qualify for the marketing campaign will also receive exposure on Cast Lager’s website and social media pages.

Small business available in 500ml cans

Small businesses available in 500ml cans (Kwa Mamazala Cafe via Instagram)

Here’s how to start your own Caste Lager cans business and get some funding

  • To introduce a business, consumers over the age of 18 must purchase the selected Castle Lager package and dial. *120*1895*unique code# to introduce one. Input is 20c per 20 seconds on USSD for all networks.
  • Businesses will be randomly selected by lottery from USSD entries.
  • Those selected will undergo specific business development and marketing training as part of the Digital Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with My Dough, an accelerator and venture capital firm.
  • At the end of the quarter, one of the 16 businesses will be selected for financing and will receive 40,000 Rials to develop their business.
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The campaign is open to businesses from all sectors, but nominating companies must go through Castle Lager’s vetting process.

Here are some of the criteria used in the inspection.

  • Owners must be South African citizens and over 18 years of age and have no criminal record.
  • Both the business and the owner should not have controversial content on social media that could pose a risk to the brand.
  • This competition is open to licensed traders only, no informal business.
  • There should be clear contact details for the business, including a physical address.
  • Business should have an impact on society.


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