How One Man Made $200,000 Last Year Ghostwriting Tweets

The internet, despite all attempts to be “transparent”, will always include a certain degree of anonymity. Social media just shows an end product from one screen to another, with the designs and real-life people always being invisible on the other end.

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Twitter, for example, makes anonymity easy since we only see one icon and 280 characters Idea or fleeting thought, and for a freelance ghostwriter, anonymity is a lucrative job.

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The ghostwriter, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Insider he made $200,000 just last year writing tweets for venture capitalists. The gig is purely a part-time job and only takes up five hours of his week.

The deal and rates vary from VC to VC — some pay him per tweet, some per month, and others have paid him $100,000 for an original thread to announce a major funding round.

Still, the author’s side hustle begs the question: Why do 280-character tweets cost a fortune?

Well, the author explains that the competitive nature of funding has changed drastically in the last 10-15 years and social media has become the new landscape for funders and founders to build relationship and attract attention.

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“Establishing yourself as a funder is no longer a one-on-one format of building meaningful relationships,” he told Insider. “It’s a one-to-many format. You broadcast.”

While the writer’s lucrative part-time job takes up just a few hours of his week, the practice is meticulous and calculated. His gospel: clarity, purpose and conciseness.

“Threads don’t work. Pictures don’t work. They need a very tight, expertly crafted 280-character shot,” he said, per Insider.

And it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just about a razor-sharp, perfect tweet that gets to the point, it’s about understanding the nuances of the platform and who is engaging with a given account, which they call “participating in the joke.”

The writer attributes his success as a VC ghostwriter to understanding the intricacies of Twitter and the relationship between funders and founders. He says that about 60% of the tweets he writes are “shitposting” — “the stuff you post when there’s nothing to post.”

He explains that shitposting is key to getting attention and following, so if there’s something right to post, you already have an audience.

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While it’s hard to avoid the up-front fee and flexible hours of the ghostwriter’s side hustle, the author has strict guidelines and told Insider he’s had to fire clients before because he doesn’t want his side hustle to “grow, too.” . lots of space.”

He also has his own laptop, a second phone, and a different email address to pursue his side hustle.

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